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Ship's Locker Submit your favorite original equipment and weapons for others to use in their own Traveller campaigns.

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Old January 31st, 2016, 12:27 AM
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Default Hybrid Solar-Windsail Gravboat

Designed by using Supplement 5: Civilian Vehicles

Hybrid Solar-Sailing Grav Boat (TL 10) M3 Mass (kg) Cost (Cr.)
Hull Streamlined configuration
Advanced Composites
Lightweight Construction
Waterproof, float on liquid
Stealth Coating -4DM to sensor lock boat
Structure 3 Hull 3 Armour 4 13 936 19,013
Propulsion Grav Lifter 0.13 13 13,000
Wind Sails 0.26 6.5 26
Power Wind Power-6 3 30 300
Solar Power-10 1 20 1,500
Armour no extra armour - - -
Weapons none - - -
Components Compact, Minimal Sensor Package – ship’s lights,
visual aids 0DM, Range 0.25km 0.14 0.25 200
No Comms (flags, manual signal lights,
personal comm) - - -
Advanced Life Support 0.39 136.5 97,500
Improved Controls 0 0 3,250
Hydrofoils 0 11.7 13,000
Performance Tuning 0 0 7,400
Crew Optimal – 2 drivers, 1 engineer
Crew Stations – Helm 1.25 125 -
Engineer 1.25 125 -
Simple Sleeping Area – cheap berths 5 100 1,250
Cargo food, water, camping gear 0.58 58 -
Agility 0DM
Speed Top Speed 50 kph by design, 62 kph before Hydrofoils, 78 kph after Hydrofoil effect
Cruising Speed 37.5 kph by design, 59 kph in field
Amphibious Speed 14 kph
Totals 13 1425.45 156,439

The Hybrid Solar-Windsail Grav Boat at TL 10 is a recreation vehicle for use by sailing sportspersons who eschew watercraft for grav lifter versions of small sailing boats. The grav lifter gives altitude to the vehicle, a streamlined boat-like hull that can land and float on water or land. Wind sails lined with photovoltaic, solar panels both provide horizontal movement and power. Wind generators are also mounted on the outer deck. Slight tilt of the small vessel (not unlike a helicopter’s vectored, downward thrust) allows the grav lifter to slightly add to forward motion. Extra power is shunted to crew stations and stored in onboard batteries providing an extra two hours of power in the event of cloudy days. Using zero fuel, the vehicle needs no tankage, though on calm days or on cloudy days, the small boat suffers a distinct lull in performance. Operators are trained to check weather predictions for optimal conditions for sailing.
Constructed of lightweight, advanced composites, this nimble craft is also coated with a privacy, stealth treatment for privacy against targeting sensors, especially at night when at rest. The streamlined hull allows for aerodynamic flow through water and wind. Navigation is provided by visual aids, compact lighting (pre-dawn and dusk settings). Sailors must use pre-digital methods unless personal GPS devices are on hand. Likewise, personal Comms are utilized since the craft carries no communications gear other than flags, manual signaling lights or primitive heraldry.
Besides the TL 10 Solar Power systems, the Hybrid Solar-Windsail Grav Boat makes use of TL 9 Advanced Life Support to provide for indefinite, long-haul, expeditions. Improved Controls at the helm aid in tacking and tail wind agility. Hydrofoils on this strange boat reduce drag on water and act as wind foils when above ground at low altitudes. These components are calibrated with Performance Tuning using high-tech computers to squeeze every bit of power to weight ratio possible. In track tests, under optimal solar and wind conditions, the grav and sails can attain speeds up to 78 kph, but designers caution against such. Limiter-governors on the propulsion system cap the ship’s speed at 50 kph, (though many owners remove such safety measures aftermarket). The amphibious speed of 14 kph is dwarfed by the cruising speed of 50 kph, (though 59 kph is boasted post-limiter). Some truly reckless crews have been known to catch gale-to-hurricane force winds to push the hull to the limit of structural integrity. Designers and manufacturers maintain this as ill-advised.
This sleek grav boat sleeps three in a simple berthing area. There are no amenities and as such, many crews bring along camping gear to prepare meals either on deck or in the immediate landing zone. Typical crews consist of two drivers and an engineer, all of whom can perform double duty for 16 hours of travel, generally stopping an hour or more after sunset. Often, low-tech or dynamo-charged torches or lanterns are brought on board and activated after dark to conserve ship battery power. Cargo space is limited to 58 kg, typically food, water and camping gear. Racers tend to use such cargo space for parachutes and harpoon guns to slow the ship or take tight turns about terrain features. The vessel has no ship’s locker or such storage bin. This is a vessel for operators intending to “rough it”.
The entire vessel, masts and sails can telescope and fold down into the space of 13 M3 and stored in 1.3 displacement Tons, though owners use the last .7 dT for hull buffer mounts for safe storage. Many affluent operators bring such a recreation vehicle into the cargo hold of a Yacht, Safari Ship or similar starship.
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