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MegaTraveller Discuss of the MegaTraveller ruleset and the Rebellion Milieu

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Old November 23rd, 2004, 05:36 AM
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Posted by Alanb
As for the Aslan: my take on things is that Tobia and all that rebelled against Norris. Norris couldn't send his fleets against "the Aslan", because most of the "Aslan" fleets were actually the local Imperial forces. That is, instead of a scattering of elderly TL13 cruisers, the Deneb fleet would have been facing equally capable ex-Imperial battle squadrons.

Glisten became involved in this rebellion at some point, possibly only briefly.

The Aslan were present during all of this, but they were like the "foreign fighters" in Iraq - more an excuse than a reality.

Of course all of this contradicts canon. But at least it's not too much canon. I don't have the DGP source that mentions the Duke of Tobia, anyway. He might have got maneuvered out by his subordinates, rather than actually being an incompetent.

That is how I played almost to a letter. My Trojan Reaches were based on the original write up in Third Imperium magazine and the Digest which contained all manner of organised crime, slaving and power politics. As the true final frontier of the Imperium the nobility were a cross between mafia and Shakespearean robber barons from the history plays. That and the Aslan were fairly populous in Tobia and Gazulin.

They saw the opportunity to take personal land when Norris was weak and seized the day with a little help from Aslan allies who had moved to contain (i.e crush) the Glorious Empire and take extra land in the middle neutral subsectors.

Its a hand wave, sure, but it makes a degree of sense. And it stops this nobles would never act against the interests of the Imperium fiction that is perpetrated by people who have never glanced at the history of courtly politics.

As to Duke Quinn of Tobia - the Digest says that he committed suicide when Tobia fell. Well if he had been shafted by his closest advisors as to the readiness of the Tobia fleet he might well do so, and Norris, through TAS might well report it as an Ihatei invasion rather than an internal rebellion. You know disinformation, keep mum etc.
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