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The Fleet Ship designs, strategies, and tactics.

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Old January 12th, 2007, 05:52 PM
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200-ton Hermes-class Fast Courier(GTL11/TTL14)

Originally designed as the courier craft for the Olympian class Interdiction Cruiser, the Hermes class is a light, fast courier ship used for fleet to fleet communications by the Solomanie Grand Fleet. Designed in the early 900s the ship soon gained wide-spread use in the Solomanie Confederation, replacing the old Imperial X-Boats and generally serving as a liasion craft on larger fleet units.

It carries little cargo except the information in it's data banks protecting this with what for a Courier is a rather heavy defensive armament as well as the biggest Jump- and Maneuver drives possible at it's techlevel. The ship also carries EW gear and the best stealth technology available to the SolConf.

The ship can not land but is capabel of skimming for fuel. A single enclosed Air/Raft provides limited interface transport.

As with most ships designed in the Solomanie Rim the crew has very austerne quarters, using very cramped bunkrooms for most personal with the Captain getting a cabin. Since the ship is generally flying with only a basic crew, the maintenance requirements keep the spaceman very busy while the ship races through space.

A commercial variant has been released and is actually licence build in the Imperium. This ship, called the Mercure drops the complex com-systems of the military variant and adds some 12ton more cargo space. It is mostly used by high ranking party officials and a few express services.

Having been build shortly before the SolRim war by a company well known to licence it's designs, the craft is in theory available in the Imperium through Sternschiffbau Horizonte but is not in general production. An estimated 30, including the 16 craft used by the Scout service on the Olympian based Gabrielle class Scout cruisers are believed to be in service in the 3I currently. Sternmetall will build the civilian variant of the craft on demand for any customer in good standing.

Crew: 6 Command and Control, 1 Medical, 2 Turret Gunners, 1 Maintenance. Total Crew 10.

Design: 200-ton USL Hull, Heavy Frame, DR 100, Psi-Shielded, Instant Chameleon, Radical Stealth, Radical Emission Cloaking, 2 USL Turret (DR 100) with two 390 Mj Std Laser, one Sand Caster [200 canisters].

The hull is a flattened cylinder some 36.5m long, 13.5m wide and 7.5 m high with a slightly tapered nose and some small bulges for the fuelscoops.

Modules: Basic Bridge (Hardened), Enh Sensors, XBoat Comms (Hardened), Jammer (Hardened), Engineering, 12 Jump Drive, 44 Maneuver Drive (4,400 stons thrust), 100 Jump Fuel (Fire 13), 2 Fuel Processor, 2 Bunk Room, Stateroom, Emergency Aid Station, Workshop (Mini), 5 Hold, Vehicle Bay (Closed Air/Raft, 0.3 dtons for small craft available).

Statistics: EMass 696.73 stons, LMass 721.73 stons, Cost MCr158.49, HP: 45,000 (DT 2,250), Size Modifier: +8, HT 12, Maint. 1.6 Hrs (60.4 man-hrs./day).

Performance: Jump-5, sAccel 6.10 G, Air Speed 600 mph, Dodge 3 + 1/2 Pilot Skill (-4 vs Meson Fire).

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