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Old August 10th, 2018, 10:55 PM
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Default [Silhouette/Traveller-SOLOplay] The "Idle Threat" Logs

The trials and tribulations of a small crew during the Solomani Rim War in the Glimmerdrift sector. In 993 IMTU, the Solomani Rim War is bogging down into an attritional and resource nightmare. Resources are being drawn from all Imperial domains to the war effort and leaving spacelanes lightly guarded. In addition, the Solomani are utilizing espionage and commerce raiding outside of the warzone to hamper the Imperial effort.

[ie. Gateway to Destiny setting, where the War is at a stalemate]

The crew, led by Marcus Vako, is a free-enterprise group but focused on bounty-hunting; both legit and illegitimate. Their ship, a Lune Class-Freelancer, is described in more detail below. For deckplans and the like, please check out the product at Moon Toad Publishing at Drivethrurpg.

The Lune is a great ship with jump-legs, speed and capacity. In addition, it has room for modifications and intraorbital access with an integral shuttle. Unfortunately, its price makes it fairly prohibitive to purchase and it needs to be majority-owned to make a profit. Itís a jack-of-all trades ship that canít quite make it as Free Trader or privateer. But it is a great ship for troubleshooters or, as in this case, bounty hunters.

Some of you may remember my Silhouette hack for Megatraveller from about a year ago. As part of that, I did a SOLO playtest and incorporated a number of things that had grabbed my interest over the past few years. Itís been a year since I set this down for a break (monomania leads to exhaustion) and Iím going to pick it up again.

The system is Silhouette (Heavy Gear/Jovian Chronicles) with hacked MT character advanced generation. The transition between the two systems is pretty smooth. For ship combat, I simply adapted Mongoose mechanics. A few skills needed adjusting (such as Trader) but it really worked smoothly in short playtests. In addition, the mechanical change gave it the kind of feel that I wanted for the game. Iím not a fan of the original system (2d6); sorry.

Some of the things I was trying out in this game were the guidelines and ďPlanĒ idea from the SOLO Cepheus supplement. But I also wanted to incorporate some mechanics from Stars Without Numbers and related games. Specifically, the fantasy supplement, Scarlet Heroes, has rules for solo play. One of those mechanics is for generating Urban Adventures. Itís really flexible, general enough for adaptation and specific enough for scenario creation. Most interesting for me was it had a ďclockĒ feature where you scored Victory Points and tried to get more than the OPFOR.

Iíve always wanted a decent Bounty Hunter system. I messed around with Mongoose but it made no sense and was unbelievably non-profitable. So I adapted the Urban Adventure generator to function as a SOLO play mechanic for tracking bounties.

A year later, in looking back, I definitely need to change the compensation/pay scale since youíll see that once an opponent gets off-planet, the costs really start adding up. Two ways to do thisÖ 1) reimburse for all expenses or 2) increase the rewards. Not sure what I will go with. But Iíll discuss that when I get to the end of this bounty ticket.

Regardless, most of this writeup was done over a year ago, this will hopefully allow me to stay ahead of things for a bit as I wind back up. For me, Solo gaming and monkeying around is more of a winter thing so Iím getting ready for it now. I live in Minnesota so, for me, itís just around the corner at this point :-P

Credit where credit is dueÖ this solo play would not have been possible without help from two fellow Travellers.

First, the website of Grauenwolf, Travellertools.azurewebsites,net, for its cargo generator. He kindly modified his code so it could draw from the various Era data from the Traveller Map. With his help, I could easily generate cargo from the 990 Era as well as port fees, equipment availabilities etc.

Second, the awesome work of DickNervous in creating this incredible Excel file that works as a trip log, campaign manager.

With his help, I was able to hack it to draw the Gateway 990 Era information without blowing the sheet completely up. I love Excel and if you do too, regardless if youíre any good at it, take a look at this program. It is really, really versatile.

So without further adoÖ
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