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Old January 13th, 2011, 06:35 PM
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Default Ballard Air/Rafts

Ballard Air/Rafts
The Ballard Air/Rafts(BARs) are flat slabs, nominally 3m wide by 6m long, by .4m deep, matching the “footprint” of a 4 ton shipping container, with relatively heavy grav lifting. Its role is to integrate containerized cargo handling, grav. transportation, and grav’ propulsion into a thin package that fits into recessed deck compartments, while providing a propulsion package for a variety of purpose built add-ons. The basic capacity of the Ballard is 4 dtons, 1 operator with 3 passengers, and 2 AstroMechs simultaneously. It does this by carrying all badly: a bench-type seat folds up in the front 1.5m, with a foot well folding out forward, and windscreen folding up; all are carried in the open air; attachment brackets for Ballard AstroMechs fold up on either side; a 4 dton container can be carried set 1.5 m from the front, so it overhangs the rear by 1.5 m; air supply and power attachments for vacc suits’ are provided for personnel and AstroMechs. The BAR can also carry a 4 dton container centered over the chassis, if automated operation is used. An Astro/Mech with Air/Raft-1 can operate a BAR with a 4 dton container, attached on one of the fold-up brackets, or remotely from another vehicle.
The BAR fits into the floor of the “BAR lock,” a compartment that is purpose-fitted to the BAR and 4dton container, that on larger ships serves the role of garage and cargo lock concurrently. In practical usage, Ballard Air/Rafts (“BARs”) are typically used below their potential capacity, with some structure fitted on top. The most common is the 2 Ton Cab, (“2TC” pronounced “two tic”), which fits on the front half of the BAR, and provides a shirt-sleeve environment for up to 6 passengers in relative comfort, complete with a fresher, long range communicator, and basic avionics. It is allows a 2 dton “big cube” container to be carried on the rear half of the BAR in a relatively streamlined configuration, and the whole rig fits into the BAR lock. Its chassis provides itself, and those in the fold-up seats the equivalent of cloth armor.
BAR's use fuel cells at TL's 10 and 13, but at TL15 they use fusion power plants for heavy lifting, but have small fuel cell plants for unloaded operation. Tanks can be used to store Compressed air, hydrogen, or oxygen. In atmospheres containing Oxygen, 4 through 9 (other than very thin and trace), an unloaded BAR has a much higher endurance than a loaded one. A BAR’s batteries are strictly an emergency affair, allowing 30 minutes of power at maximum thrust.
A TL 10 BAR is 3m wide x 6 m long x 0.4 m thick. It can operate loaded at 90 kph, lifting 40,000 kg for 64 hours. It takes 640 liters of LHyd. Unloaded, it can safely cruise up to 160 kph for 640 hours for atmospheres containing Oxygen, 4 through 9 (other than very thin and trace). It costs MCr .8, and weighs 17,800 kg,. 7 may be stacked in 4dton.
A TL 13 BAR is also 3m wide x 6 m long x 0.4 m thick. It can operate at 120 kph, lifting 50,000 kg, for 138 hours. It can cruise at 160 kph, for 280 hours in a vacuum, or 1380 hours in atmosphere 4 - 9. It costs MCr .64, and weighs 12,600 kg. 7 may be stacked in 4dton.
A TL 15 BAR is 3m wide x 6 m long x 0.4 m thick, and is fusion powered with a fuel cell backup. It can operate at 120 kph, lifting 96,000 kg, for 88 hours. It uses the fuel cell for minimally loaded conditions: it can operate at 120 kph, lifting 4,000 kg, for 880 hours in vacuum or 1640 hours in an atmospheres containing Oxygen, 4 through 9 (other than very thin and trace). It costs MCr .75, and weighs 11,800 kg. 7 may be stacked in 4dton.


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