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Old July 1st, 2016, 08:53 AM
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Default Idea In development: Alien Artifact Starship

The image was supposed to be a gift to a friend who was running an Alien Artifact game where we encountered a drifting wrecked starship. Unfortunately, he passed away before I could send it to him....

So I was planning on trying to work up this ship as a setting for an exploration scenario limited to one rather large location.

General idea, exploration of massive alien possibly extra galactic starship that tears a path through several large powers and ends up loitering in a region near several major players...possible groups working together to explore the ship, keep it out of the hands of other power groups, and keep it from resuming it's path through the heart of the imperium.

The ship shows intermittent bouts of activity and there are some drones/robots coming and going harvesting materials from local area...including some unfortunate accidents involving mining stations and passing ships that seem to have ran afoul of the drones...the drones are confirmed as unmanned and automated after examining wreckage recovered by local scavengers/security forces.

Every so often the ship jumps to a new system stays stationary for varying lengths of time as it's drones harvest materials then jumps again...the range of the jumps makes tracking it hard since it can jump well outside the range of even long ranged scouts, and pursuit craft.

the actual interior would be the focus of the scenario rather than the ship as a's easy to assume anything short of a squadron of Tigress with full escort would be wasting their time trying to assault the ship.

Obviously, a detailed exploration would be years in the process, and require a large survey team.

SoI am planning to keep it to a small "first in" team, basic quick once over, locate any living crew, determine nature and intent of the ship.

I would love som feedback. Ideas on how to handle mapping, creating encounters, and general guidelines on how to bring this overly ambitious idea into some sort of manageable package.

I would also like any "Negative" sugggestions..basically what I should avoid, and what tropes cliches to avoid.

My plan is to use smaller detailed maps for various chambers within the ship and general maps of larger sections. Since the design is highly modular with repeating sections I was thinking it would work.

As for actual stats, this beast is so big that it goes way outside the practical scale of most ships. one of the small pods attached to the spine is larger than the empire state building...roughly 75K ton each...if my math and information is accurate.

I am curious on ideas to handle actually mapping this beast's basically a city in space so a detailed deck plan is right out ...

I am highly interested in what specific ship sections as players or GMs would be vital to the game, and what information would be less critical.

My to do list

Living module:
Entire neighborhoods packed into each of the modules along the spine...housing, life support, recreational area, hydroponic gardens still functional and full of both uncatalogued and familiar life forms.

engineering sections ( large central mass between spheres at back of ship)
mostly automated and just massive sections of TL-Wtf hardware with a few living sections for engineering crew, workshops and construction decks.

Drive Modules: (Big spheres at the back of ship)Massive "TL-wth?" rings within rings...powered down at the evidence of living areas or fuel sources. massive power cores at center of rings...

Spine modules: workshops automated refining and extraction drone, fighter drone hangers.

Forward sphere, command center, weapons, laboratories....possible indicating hybrid warship research ship.

Docking bays along rear spine...obviously meant for more modules and very large attached auxiliary vessels.

This isn't a short term project so will be working on it off and on again until after I have some other projects ready to I wanted to try get input before settling in to do the bulk of the work.
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