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Adventurers Tell us your Traveller character stats, skills, and details.

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Old June 25th, 2016, 12:49 AM
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Default mega-characters

traveller generally offers little support for mega, uber, or monty-haul characters. most powerful traveller characters are powerful only in the sense that they control the actions of others, and while even godlike ad&d2 weapons pale in comparison to high-end traveller military equipment it is not practical for a character to walk around with (say) an fgmp-15, let alone use it without attracting the attention of a great many others similarly equipped.

nevertheless such characters may be approximated in traveller. below is an abbreviated example of such perhaps to inspire something similar in your own games.

lora lei
798BCC, age 18, strouden


imperial scout service, 7 tours


flight school - pilot
intel - sidearm
contact - equestrian


tour 1 - general flight
tour 2 - general intel
tour 3 - intel assignments
tour 4 - general service
tour 5 - general service
tour 6 - general service
tour 7 - scout academy instructor


lady lora lei, imperial knight retained, strouden baronette
9BBBDD, age 47 actual / 43 awake / 21 physical
(telepath, level 12 (imtu ct terms))
(telekinetic, level 13 (imtu 6 tons for 1 minute / day))


pilot wings
academy instructor pin - pilot, equestrian, firearms
mission lead pin
purple heart
wilderness ribbon

space skills         level
    soft vacc suit / 0-G 2
    pilot                3* (hull size A +1, hull size K +1)
    navigator            1
    engineer             1
    mechanic             1
    damage control       1
ground skills
    equestrian           3* (horse +1)
    wilderness           1
people skills
    leader               2
    liasion              2
    instructor           2
    interrogation        2
weapons skills
    personal tactics     1
    field recon          1
    sidearm              3*(revolver +1)
    combatives           2
thrown out of college in her first year for subversive activities and shunned by her noble-class family on strouden, lora found a good home in the scout service which was glad to get even a reject of the disciplined and focused strouden culture. she proved suitable for the more serious intel tasking of the scout service and served admirably (meaning silently and without comment) for several tours, acquiring a reputation for handling people and for anticipating and avoiding or neutralizing bad situations. pictures of her from that time show a significant scar over her right eye from forehead to cheek.

records of lora's fourth, fifth, and sixth tours are generic and vague.

between her sixth and seventh tours lora is known to have spent three months in hospital. after that she was assigned to the scout academy as a pilot, wilderness, and firearms instructor, achieving an unusually high student success rate.

on conclusion of her service she was awarded full rejuvenation, bringing her to a physical age of 20. this award is allowed only for extraordinary service, which in her case seems absent. she kept a remainder of the scar over her eye, as she says, "to remind myself". she also was offered the status of imperial knight retained, which she a knight retained she is a full noble and a full citizen of the imperium proper, though she is not assigned to any particular duty but rather is subject to imperial tasking as needed. in pursuit of this she is authorized ready access to 4MCr on her own recognizance, 40MCr when authorized by a full noble, and requisition (with captain's approval or at noble direction) of any imperial or strouden naval or scout ship 400 dtons or less not engaged in a specific assignment. she also is authorized requisition of any civilian jump-capable ship of 400 dtons or less on her own recognizance (as per imperial law imtu).

lora is a calm, unpretentious, and pleasant woman and seems usually to be thinking that something is amusing. when serious she can be disturbingly focused and is equally at home with rational persuasion and necessary force, though she may later regret the latter. she is implaccably loyal to the imperium and, equally implaccably, to strouden.

lora will NOT come looking for employment (unless an undercover assignment requires it). she may be encountered at a very competent gun shop, considering that it's time to stop repairing a worn-out scout service-issue revolver and to buy a new modern one. she can also be seen at a high-end sparring gym, teaching young men how to efficiently anticipate an opponent's moves and to fight people bigger than themselves. and she definitely can be seen at a barrel-shoot competition training ranch, handling her horse with just her knees as if it's part of her and racking up unusually impressive target scores - she seems happy here and has won and placed in several tournaments, some broadcast throughout the imperium on fornice's sports channels. she also may be encountered in a strouden embassy with a member of her family seeking to know when she will return to be assigned a husband and family, or as a high- or noble-class passenger on a luxury liner, though she is not above mid-passage on any reputable ship should such be required. though it seldom happens now she may still sleepwalk and be found bedded-down with nothing more than a sheet in front of a ship's emergency equipment locker.

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