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Old February 2nd, 2005, 11:29 AM
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About once a year, someone will suggest this, and we'll talk for a while, and nothing will happen. Usually, the ideas will be too ambitious, or revolve around some minor detail of someones campaign or the OTU that most people don't know, or we just run out of enthusiasm.

When you think of Traveller, what springs to mind? For me, a story involving a group of ex-Scout/military characters flying around the Spinward Marches in a Scout/Courier at the time of the 5FW is about as Traveller as you can get, which is what I aimed for in the outline below. I also think it's short and simple enough to be doable by amateurs.

"Be Careful What You Wish For"

(c) Andrew Boulton 2003

The story opens aboard the ISS Bloomington, a Scout/Courier in jump somewhere near the Zhodani border. We meet the crew: Marc, a detatched duty Scout, and his friend Loren, a Marine who recently left the service after being injured. We learn a little bit about them and the Traveller universe. Loren wishes for a little bit of excitement.

The ship leaves jump and lands on a poor lo-tech world, where they unload a small cargo and some mail. They meet John, a local boy, who wishes he could leave home and travel the galaxy with them.

Loren notices John has a Zhodani coin, which he found when exploring. While Marc refuels the ship from a nearby lake, John shows Loren where he found the coin. They discover a cave containing a cache of Zhodani weapons and equipment. A guard spots them, and they are chased back to the ship. They hurridly take off. As they reach orbit, a Zhodani Cruiser appears from around the far side of the planet. The Bloomington jumps just before the Cruiser blows them out of space.

In jump, Marc and Loren explain to John (and the audience) a bit about the Zhodani.

When they reach their destination (a major world), they try to warn the Naval Base, but they can't get in. A Captain recognises Loren (we discover that he saved the Captain's life and won an SEH in the incident in which he was injured), and he shows them in to see the Admiral. The Admiral sends a Battleship (coincidentally, the Captain's ship) to investigate, with our heroes aboard. They find the Zhodani gone - obviously their plot has been foiled - but John's village has been destroyed. John wants to join the Marines, to avenge his friends & family.

They return to they major world, and find the system in chaos. The Fifth Frontier War has begun...

[Note: the entire section with the Navy can be dropped, if required]
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