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In My Traveller Universe Detail what parts of Traveller you do (or don't) use in your campaign.

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Old September 25th, 2008, 05:44 PM
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Default Traveller 1889

Traveller 1889

Have any of you played or seen Space 1889? Victorian's in space, aetherships and space travel...

I've shared before that during my commute I let my mind wander. On the way home I use it as a "shut work off" time. I get ideas and work them out. Once concept was how well does CT fit into a steam-punk world... I know I've mentioned this before in another post but just had the thought banging around in my head. Since I don't have the time to run games and really don't know when I will again, I live vicariously through my thought process about the games...

So one day while at home I decided to take a gander at my old Space1889 rules. My thought was to find some time to create the professions they have and convert them into Traveller. But then I saw... they already fit perfectly.

So professions are a done deal... (call the Scout an Explorer and it fits). Both LBB1 & Sup4 are right on the money in this regard.

As for skills... some work has to be done there.
Aircraft and vehicles don't really exist per-se. Trains do... airships/balloons do... aetherships do. So Ship's Boat can be Aether Flyer skill. Pilot can be Aether Ship. Now bear in mind I'm looking *just* at LBB1 & Supp4.

Now... what about the ships....

So, how does it work?

Aether is the key. In Traveller terms the Aether Engine is the Maneuver Drive. The Slipstream Engine is the Jump drive. The Power Plant is the boiler, or steam engine. The fuel of the ship is water for the steam engine. What about something to make the steam? In Space 1889 they used a big mirror to boil the water... But, I think that'll work for the early ships. But on Venus... or Mercury, a rock was found that reacts violently with water... call it the Claudia Rock in honor of the discoverer's daughter (heh... who can get the reference?). This rock will boil water. There we go, you can now make steam without needing air or fire.

How does space travel work? Well, we take our solar system. Instead of AU we use SU.. Sol Units. 1 SU equals 3 Astronomical Units (AU). This is how many hexes it is between bodies.

The Aether Flyer engine (the M-Drive) is for flying in the atmosphere. The 'G rating' of the engine isn't really a G rating anymore but the speed in the sky. It's also for achieving orbit and flying around the planet itself (going to moons, etc.).

The Aether Engine (the J-Drive) is for flying from planet to planet. The Jump rating is the number of SU it can travel in 1 week. It doesn't "jump out" and leave real-space, it just goes really fast.

Body     AU  SU
mercury  0.4  1
venus    0.7  2
earth    1.0  3
mars     1.5  5
belt     2.3  7
belt     3.3 10
jupiter  5.2 16
saturn   9.5 29
uranus  19.6 59
neptune 30.0 90
**On a side note I toyed with the idea of having the M-Drive have its G rating how many AU it can travel in a Month and the J-Drive have its rating be how many AU it can travel in a day....just as an alternative....
~Big Tim
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