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The Fleet Ship designs, strategies, and tactics.

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Old March 27th, 2003, 12:43 PM
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Okay, for MTU, I'm trying to make the Aslan High Guard philosophically different from the humano-centric Republic StarCorps. For one, their troop landers are nearly 200Td spacecraft that piggyback on a 120kTd-or-so Assault Tender.

Another is the Scimitar-class Meson Frigate. Essentially, I took a 1,000-ton meson gun and built a jump-capable support platform around it. I was able to keep the design under 10,000Td, even allowing for some defensive weapons (including a 100-ton particle accelerator bay) and a hanger for the standard 98-ton Aslan shuttle.

"Designed with the philosophy that a smaller vessel with a larger gun could be produced in larger quantities, several Scimitar frigates operate within the battlegroup structure, laying down a withering fire with their 1,000-ton meson spinal mounts in support of their command ships. The Scimitar is most effective against smaller vessels that do not mount the expensive, power-hungry meson screens."

9,998-ton streamlined needle hull
AC 19 (11 vs. Meson) AR 10 SI 450 Init 0
Cost Cr5,843,730,000
Annual Maintenance Cr292,187 (after discount)
Routine Maintenance Cr1,460,933/year

Model/7 Fib computer, with 10kTd avionics, system-wide sensors, medium range maser/meson comms

Jump 4 (4 parsec jump range) 3-G acceleration
1,482 EP TL15 power plant (4 weeks endurance)

20 hardpoints
10 triple pulse laser turrets (TL15) USD 4
10 triple sandcaser turrets (TL15) +5 AC (600 canisters)
50-ton repulsor bay (TL15) USP 4
Meson Gun Spinal Mount (TL15) USP 18

Meson Screens (TL15) USP 7

Small Craft: 1x98-ton standard shuttle (crew of 2 officers, 1 enlisted, included below)

15 single-occupancy staterooms, 150 single-occupancy small cabins (75 stand-alone freshers), 42 emergency low berths, 1 engineering shop, 5 sickbays, 15 airlocks

Crew (14 officers, 147 enlisted)
Officers -- 7 command, 2 flight, 1 gunnery, 2 engineers, 1 medical, 1 troop
Enlisted -- 3 command, 2 flight, 36 gunnery, 21 engineers, 5 medical, 20 service, 60 troops

3,999.2 tons jump fuel, 741 tons power plant fuel, 83.42 tons cargo capacity (0.42 tons set aside for small craft fuel)

Thoughts and Comments?
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