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In My Traveller Universe Detail what parts of Traveller you do (or don't) use in your campaign.

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Old August 24th, 2019, 12:31 PM
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Default Naval Reserve Cadre

I've been noodling with the concept of an Imperial Naval Reserve Cadre which, for former naval officer Travellers, would be somewhat similar to the Subsidised Liner concept for Merchant characters. After all, not every group of Travellers with a ship is looking to become the space-borne equivalent of tramp steamer captains (which the economics of starship ownership often force on players, and it is not economically viable anyway for the owners of yachts or safari ships - given their small cargo space - vice traders). The Cadre essentially makes the Navy a regular patron of the Traveller party. Attempting to join the Cadre, which would be a Difficult task (10+), would be an attempt taken immediately after rolling for benefits on the Traveller's final career before setting out adventuring, could only be attempted once, and is purely voluntary (need not join). The below reflects my concept of the Navy as the more high status of the services. Based on Mongoose Traveller 2nd ed., the below could easily be adapted to other systems. The Navy can find it useful for special missions to have access to trusted individuals with ships, who could be disavowed if necessary or in circumstances where regular naval resources are unavailable or it wouldn't be cost-effective to use them.

Advantages of the Cadre: Navy Command in the Sector (including Intelligence) can activate the Cadre member Traveller and "his ship" for special missions. During a mission, the Navy will pay to the mortgage-holder the pro-rated portion of the owed ship payment (i.e. if the mission lasts two weeks, the Navy pays at least half that month's ship payment - alternatively, the Navy could pay an entire month's payment for all or any portion of a month that the ship is in naval service). The Navy also will reimburse for/pay to the Cadre member reasonable costs incurred during or in preparation for the mission, replacement of equipment, ammunition, etc. expended (under some circumstances, the ship can refuel and rearm at Naval Stations, although priority will be below that of active duty naval vessels), repair of damages incurred and other ship operating costs while on the mission. In some situations, the Navy may arm the ship and/or supply other military and/or medical equipment (any of which the shipowner and crew might - or might not - retain after a mission, at the Navy's discretion) at a naval base, or pay for the shipowner him/herself to have the ship so armed and/or obtain other necessary military and/or medical equipment. The shipowner will not reimburse the Navy for armaments/equipment reasonably lost or expended while on the mission. The Navy will pay the ship's crew - including the Cadre member - their salaries and living expenses on a pro-rated basis during and in preparation for a mission. The ship owner is entitled to retain customary salvage rights and "spoils of war," if a lawful opportunity presents itself. The Navy may pay bonuses for accomplishment of a mission. When not on a mission, the shipowner is entitled to utilize his ship for his own commercial use and enjoyment (illegal activities of course make the owner subject to being thrown out of the Cadre and having any Navy property seized).
The Cadre is open only to former naval officers who are starship "owners" (defined as either having been awarded a ship as a benefit from any career except Scout - Navy can't poach off a sister service, so no Scoutships - or as having acquired a ship via contributing at least one ship share, even if the actual acquisition was by several Travellers pooling their shares); there can only be one individual officially designated by the Navy as "owner" of the ship, so Travellers should choose who has the best chance to be admitted to the Cadre. Ships cannot be Subsidized, Scouts, or Laboratory ships - any other type can be of use to the Navy. The other mandatory requirements are that the Traveller: have had at least one successful term in the Navy and had departed the service (either retired or honorably discharged) as an O2 - O5 (06 admirals cannot apply for the Cadre - former flag rank officers are subject to callup in event of war anyway or at the pleasure of the Emperor, and ensigns are too junior); had not been forced out of the service (i.e. no courtsmartial, disgrace, etc. resulting from the Mishap table, although an individual honorably discharged due to a mishap is permitted to apply); and had not had a Prisoner or Rogue term (not in the best traditions of the Navy).

Die modifiers to apply: Plus 2 if a Naval Academy Graduate (Ringknockers have the Old Boy advantage); Plus 1 per Navy term served as an officer past the qualifying first term, to a maximum of plus 4 (i.e. no addition from that first term which is needed to qualify for the Cadre, so someone who served two terms as an officer gets Plus 1); Plus 1 if left the Navy as an O2 or O3, Plus 2 if O4 or O5; standard dice modifiers for social status (e.g. Plus 1 for Soc 9 - 11); Plus 1 if also had a term in the Noble career (exposure to influential people); Plus 1 if TAS Member (again, influential people); Plus 1 for every Ally from the Naval Academy, Navy Career, or Noble Career, and Minus 2 for every Enemy from these (easier to blackball). Incidents from results on the Navy Events Table can be modifiers: Minus 2 for having abused your position for profit; Plus 1 for each time the commanding officer had taken an interest in the individual's career; Plus 2 for each time the individual's vessel had taken part in a notable victory, and Plus 3 for each time the individual displayed heroism in battle (alternatively, High Guard could be used to provide Plus 1 per MCUF, Plus 2 per MCG, and Plus 3 per SEH). Plus 1 each for having the following skills at a level above 0: Leadership, Naval Tactics, Persuade, Admin, Diplomat.

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