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Old August 28th, 2012, 12:48 PM
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Default [Imperium] Something I could use input on

Having gotten back into Traveller recently, I find that I'm also in the middle of an Imperium kick as well, thanks to some posts here and elsewhere. BTW, I am referring here to the original versions of Imperium by GDW/Conflict Games, not the more recent version published by Avalanche Press.

The original rules had some holes in them, gaps that I've been slowly able to fill over the past week or so thanks to some discussions I've read on the game around the net as well as some old articles I've managed to dig up. But one thing still eludes me; what is the correct initial set up restrictions for the Imperial Player for the First War scenario in regards to his initial outpost placement?

Does the Imperial player need to set up an unbroken chain of outposts leading back to one of his three starting worlds, or can there be empty systems in between? Marc Miller clarified the Imperial set up by stating in an article in Dragon Magazine #20 that the Imperial player cannot place a starting outpost on Procyon because they could not start with a tanker in Sirius, thus Procyon would not be 'connected'. Thus, it would seem that by connected, he means connected as per the Economic rules where the tanker rule he mentions is listed.

Now those rules state that the only thing that blocks connection between an outpost and a world are enemy starships other than tankers and transports. This would have a large effect on how the Imperium player can set up his initial province. Since the only Terran starhips on the map will be confined to the initial Terran systems, it leaves much of the map open for the Imperials to place outposts all over it.

But then, it would also mean that if, for example, a Terran player started out with all of his starships in the Sol hex, that then the Imperial player could place a starting outpost at Procyon, since the Imperial could then trace a route around Sol thorough Barnards Star, Proxima Centauri, and Junction, despite them being Terran outposts.

That seems odd to me, so I'm wondering if the above is indeed correct, or if someone has any information to the contrary to help clarify the matter.
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