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Old June 26th, 2011, 10:03 AM
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Default Brilliant lances duel

Greetings fellow travellers, this thread is for a forces description, and combat report for a brilliant lances based game.

Three people will each design up a single TL 14 200 Dt J1 starship for use in a duel.
The budget is 100MCr and 1 sophant. (Expert robots may be used to fill additional needed job functions)
No more than 6 drones or small craft or missiles may be in play for each player at the end of any turn, though any number of short duration missiles may be deployed as long as they make their attack and are removed from play the same turn.
Designs are to be produced using T4 FF&S II, Book 8 Robots. All craft, drones, and missiles will be designed by each player.

Rules: Brilliant Lances, Complete sensor rules, T4 FF&S II, Book 8 Robots.
  1. House rules concerning CEP of beam weapons and evasive maneurving.
  2. Ships and craft do not have a "hard point" limitation, and may exceed 6 g's if only robot brains are aboard.
  3. Launched craft and missiles from a detected and or target locked craft are not automatically detected and target locked, but do get a free detection attempt at a +1 to the item's signature. Failure results in a bogey marker, critical failure or <0 adjusted signature results in no marker, so a sensor drone may be deployed without the other player detecting it.
  4. Kenetic kill missiles are added with their DV generated by the missile's mass and combined closing vector.
  5. Craft and missiles attempting to collide with an unwilling target must devote 4X the target's evasive maneuvering to interception maneuvering, and interception maneuvering does NOT count as evasive maneuvering when it is engaged by point defenses.
  6. Interception and evasive maneuvering do not make any change to the vector, but do allow facing changes.
  7. Each duel is between two players with the third acting as the referee. At a player's request, a given turn may be played out at a smaller time scale, allowing scales as low as 6 seconds per impulse as missiles are engaged by point defenses.
No items may be at higher than TL 14, no experimental equipment, no imports. Planetoid configurations ARE available. Battle is over when the Sophont is killed, all robots must maintain telemetry links to their Sophont, and surrender when their telemetry indicates the Sophont has died, or 2 turns after the telemetry links are severed and are unable to be reestablished.

Commentary. Inventiveness is encouraged, I expect to see somebody sneak a drone close to a target and then swamp the target with dozens of short duration attack missiles. ECM, ECCM, chaff, and nuclear detonations and all other sorts of other tactics are encouraged to mislead or prevent the attacker from shooting.

Good luck and shoot straight.
His Grace Duke of Glisten by the hand of his IM Strephon in 1116.

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