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Old March 24th, 2009, 12:39 PM
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Default DGP 101 Vehicles

I recently started tinkering with reverse-engineering the Trepida design in 101 Vehicles and had some difficulty due to what I think are errors in the listed UCP.

Since DonM's errata will now include DGP material, I thought a new thread to discuss 101 vehicles might encourage others to take a look and see what errata is there to be found.

I'd also like to discuss some vehicle design philosophy while we're at it, since some of my problems with the Trepida aren't necessarily errata but rather just poor design. Well, at least a poor design in my opinion, other may disagree and that is why I'd like to see some discussion.

The most glaring errors I spotted on the Trepida (#32 - on the front cover, inside):

1. Hull damage points are listed as 12/29 and displacement is listed as 10 Td. According to the formula on page 84 of the RM, hull damage points are calculated from hull volume (H). Inop is derived as H/15 and destroyed is H/6 (both round up). Since 10 Td = 135 kl, the hull damage points should be 9/23.

2. Object Size is listed as small and loaded weight is listed as 125 tons. According to page 89 of the RM, object size is derived from loaded weight. Objects between 100 and 10,000 tons are "average" while those less than 100 tons are "small" so the size of the Trepida should be listed as average.

3. The vehicles max acceleration is listed as .9 G and thrust is listed as 400 tons. According to the formula on page 86 of the RM, maneuver thrust = (thrust/loaded weight)-1. So the listed max acceleration should be (400/125)-1 or 2.2 G.

Check my work - does this look right to everybody?

Next post will have some design philosophy questions for discussion.
Major B

T5 Gazelle-class Close Escorts (on DTRPG):
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