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Imperial Interstellar Scout Service Details of the worlds of the Imperium (and beyond).

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Old September 3rd, 2012, 07:15 PM
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Red face <Your Subsector Here>

At some time, most of us have generated a subsector: either randomly, or carefully crafted. Either way, post one here if you want to share one. Here's mine.

Athwa Subsector

A sparse subsector on the edge of the wilderness. As you can tell from the PBG, it was adapted from Book 3 format.

<subsector name="Athwa">
name: Athwa
generated: 1995
Tleroti        0102 E742000-0   Ba                      500 Na 
9-52-B         0103 E100000-0   Ba Va                   501 Na 
Gari           0107 E663000-0   Ba                      501 Na 
Tinath         0306 X5A6000-0   Ba Fl                 R 501 Na 
Tenard         0402 E510000-0   Ba                    R 500 Na 
Cenhennig      0502 C343864-9   Po                      501 Na 
Ainsarvi       0504 D110415-7 S Lo Ni                   501 Na 
Pelga          0510 E654651-5   Ag Ni                   501 Na 
Undpoar        0603 E642346-5   Lo Ni Po                500 Na 
Corlano        0605 C866888-8   Ri                      500 Na 
Crefleu        0606 E200354-4   Lo Ni Va                500 Na 
Matig          0701 E6A6000-0   Ba Fl                   502 Na 
Priit          0705 E61066B-9   Na Ni                   500 Na 
Sosecgen       0708 D165579-6 S Ag Ni                   501 Na 
RUSHESAL       0710 E5669BD-7   Hi                      501 Na 
Mirenme        0807 C566543-A   Ag Ni                   501 Na 
Imperiallines magazine
My Helpful Stuff for Traveller5
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Old September 3rd, 2012, 10:12 PM
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Jacine Subsector

Cyan A566897 - 14 Gas Giant, Trade Station Rich
Komar BA95596 - 12 Gas Giant Non-Ind, Agro
Beta E351200 – 6 Poor
Isabella C773443 – 8 Gas Giant Non-Ind, Poor
Middle A467742 – 12 Rim Fleet Station Rich, Agro
Umber C576464 – 9 Gas Giant, Trade Station Non-Ind
New Makaar----------------RedZone------------------------------------
Vantage ----------------Red Zone------------------------------------
Amber B0004C0 -12 Gas Giant, Asteroid Belt Non-Ind
Opal CAAA5C3-10 Non-Ind
Blauvelt ----------------Red Zone------------------------------------
Pixie A896993-13 Gas Giant, Trade Station Ind
Jade C687221-7 Gas Giant Non-Ind
Gold C444512-8 Non-Ind, Agro
Makaar A977964-15 Gas Giant, Naval/Scout Depots Ind
Aegir B000313-13 Gas Giant, Asteroid Belt Non-Ind
Grendel AA98964-14 Trade Station Ind
Trinity B667637-11 Gas Giant Rich
Thule A683999-13 Ind
Belmont B866737-10 Gas Giant Rich
Flanders A877967-15 Gas Giant, Naval/Scout Depot Ind
Omsk C411312-9 Gas Giant Non-Ind, Poor
Nord C353523-10 Gas Giant Non-Ind, Poor
Lupus B776570-10 Gas Giant, (Prox Colony) Non-Ind, Agro
Cathay B768684-10 Agro
Furioso D528260-0 Research Station Poor
Westmark A776994-11 Gas Giant, Colonial Station Ind
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Old September 3rd, 2012, 10:15 PM
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"I may have been grown in a vat, but I wasn't decanted yesterday."

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Old September 3rd, 2012, 10:17 PM
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IMTU, but it's where 50% of the action happens:

Jacine Subsector Notes:

Jacine is primarily mining and heavy industry. The Colonial Fleet presence lessens as you get closer to the Kuklakan border, but this is also the closest point between the Askorrian and Terran Empires. The Terran Empire has a vested interest in maintaining the traffic from the "Pixie Run" because of the enormous trade in mined ores which travel up and down the run, with Pixie being the heaviest industry in the subsector: there the ores are processed and transshipped to the Veldt Subsector, or into the Empire. Norge-Gammon Armaments (as a megacorp it does more than just weapons) holds an Imperial Charter (like Cimmerron does) for trade into and out of the Empire, and specializes in heavy metals and rare earths.

The constant, heavy traffic up and down the run is done by everything from Free/Frontier Traders up to 5000 ton Colonial Bulk Carriers.

Jacine also has the Belmont Compact; two rich, paradisaical resort worlds that were annexed by the Askorrians during the war as concentration points for prisoners of war and those caught behind the lines during the initial run for Grendel. Now the two former Terran Confederation colonies are back in business under the auspices of the Belmont Consortium; a group of investors (and some say war -profiteers) who purchased the worlds.

On the border of the Kuklakan subsector is Westmark and Lupus. Lupus is the only Prox-majority colony world outside Kuklakan, Harlequin, and the Homeworlds subsectors. The human population is restricted to the starport area and is largely technical / education services personnel on contract to the Prox clans currently in charge. Rim fleet ships frequently put into Lupus for "resupply" and keep an eye on the movements of Prox ships and mercenary units.

Westmark is the gateway to the Kuklakan, Fijord, and Harlequin subsectors. It is called the edge of civilization and the Colonial Fleet base there is considered the worst, most dangerous posting on the hind-end of the universe. No less than 4 Ushakov-class Battlecruisers and 2 Shenandoah-class Carriers are there, in addition to 3 Colonial Marine Assault Carriers. Sometimes His Majesty's ships have been known to arrive at Westmark on a "goodwill cruise".

They not only keep watch for any Prox raids that might head into the subsector by way of Cathay and Westmark to loot the worlds along the southern edge, but also the occasional Space Viking raid. Since the war, the lower reaches have become increasingly technology poor so the Vikings have been forced to range farther than the Fijord subsector to maintain their tech levels. The merchant houses that used to run long-liners down into Kuklakan to supply the Terran colonies there have cut back considerably on routes due to increasing predation by the Prox from Harlequin, and the Vikings from Fijord. Now ships go that way only under heavy escort, or at least heavily armed.

The Blauvelt Cluster is where the war started. All three worlds are red zones due to the radiation and chem/biowar agents persisting there. Per the Treaty of Jagranath both the Askorrian and Terrans can patrol there for security interdiction. The Colonial Fleet has ships based at Vantage, which is at least barely habitable. The Battlecruisers HMS Hannibal and Ushakov are based there, along with the destroyers HMS Ranger, Apache, Hussar, and Voltigeur. Assorted small craft assist. The Askorrians send ships out of Makaar, usually 5000ton Bandahar-class (TL-14) Light Frigates escorted by lighter craft.
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Old September 4th, 2012, 05:50 AM
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I've been doing some solo Travelling in the subsector below, which was rolled using the rules in MgT core, including using their suggested rules for "considering" Amber Zone status; the various worlds showing "Amber?" are ones that I haven't gotten around to detailing any further yet, so I haven't decided whether they're actually Amber or not.

Yaitoh sector, Daija subsector
0109    Oshpa   C 758 101-5             G Ga Lo Lt              Amber

0202    Aenoo   C 588 7BF-4     C       G Ag Ga Lt Ri
0203    Ihki    C 345 611-5     SR      G Ag Lt NI      Hot
0204    Sooja   C 472 46A-8     R       G NI                    Amber?
0205    Luchai  C 5A5 473-B     SC      G Fl NI         Hot     Amber
0207    Wayze   B 769 534-7     T       G NI
0209    Iungo   B 645 735-5     TC      G Ag Ga Lt      Cold

0301    Ethek   C 440 513-A     P       G De NI Po
0303    Emhai   D 574 103-5     S       G Ga Lo Lt      Cold
0306    Gengoa  A 473 444-9     T       G NI            Capitol
0307    Nihoq   B 481 643-A     NSTC    G NI Ri
0309    Raiqob  C 100 157-A             G Lo

0403    Feib    D 783 57B-9     S       G NI            Cold    Amber?
0405    Kelie   E 441 400-5             G Lt NI Po      Hot     Amber?
0407    Cauza   A 581 241-8     RTC     G Lo            Hot

0501    Vaiho   C 202 77B-B     P       G IC Na Va              Amber?
0502    Joxoh   C 566 653-8     R       G Ag Ga NI Ri
0503    Miesh   C 300 210-A             G Lo Va
0504    Zeroto  B 595 8AB-6     C       G Ga                    Amber
0507    Pajut   D 949 220-3     S       G Lo Lt         Cold    Amber
0509    Xaitea  D 664 7AC-3             G Ag Ga Lt Ri           Amber?

0601    Licima  B 645 334-B     NC      G Ga Lo
0602    Aquia   C 100 586-C     C       G Ht NI Va      Hot
0603    Eivah   C 252 887-9     S         Po            Frozen
0604    Lijai   E 200 245-6             G Lo Va
0605    Ukutai  C 235 355-7     SRTC    G Lo
0607    Eicachi C AC5 647-7     SCP     G Fl NI         Hot     Amber?
0609    Apheng  A 99A 7BD-A     STC     G Wa

0701    Ekantha D 9E5 899-6             G Fl                    Amber?
0702    Zuveoca B 000 69B-E     T         As Ht Na NI Va Hot    Amber?
0705    Pheotux D 8B3 88A-3     S       G Fl Lt         Hot     Amber
0709    Ohigi   B 242 521-7     NSRT    G NI Po         Cold
0710    Xohni   D 859 465-6     S       G NI            Cold

0801    Zepheb  B 200 645-D     TC        Ht Na NI Va
0803    Aeyatai D 688 777-6     S       G Ag Ga Ri              Amber?
0804    Igasha  E 98A 545-9             G NI Wa
0809    Nodeimo B 458 999-8     C       G Hi
IMTU tc+ mgt+ ?mt ru+ ge+ !3i c jt- au ls- pi+ ta he+ !kk,etc.
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Old September 6th, 2012, 07:16 AM
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The ones I have are LBB6, with the full systems. It will make for some long posts, but I will gather them up and post some of them. (I'm finishing up a sector+.)
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Old October 27th, 2012, 03:07 PM
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Default The Shatterzone of Netherburn...

Netherburn Subsector

Only the intrepid needed in Netherburn! Here lies the frontline in the war between free humanity and the transdroyneist horror of the Black Ships! Take your place as a member of an Imperial Marine Raider detachment raiding far behind the enemy lines or a rogue trader where the only thing that stands between business and piracy are the rules of engagement. As an intrepid scout, can you make contact with an alien species so profound to save the day? Dig in as a volunteer merc in one of the Interstellar Brigades on a fortress world or as Naval personnel serving with the Imperial 1133rd Strike Fleet, holding for one last desperate battle at FSB-Net; so far from home, yet willing to give their last full measure of devotion to the Emperor and free humanity. See the strange Netherburnei, a baobab like species: are they billions or just one sentient being, and how does one rate their organic technology on the tech scale? Fight for freedom as an insurgent on Kulagir against the Green Fire Demons, a minor sophont so named because their polymer-plasmoidal state burns with green fire upon their extirpation and their only shape seen is of the vaguely man shaped ceramo-plastic armor manufactured for them by their Black Ship masters. Salvage high tech weaponry to bring it back into battle from the ruins of destroyed fortress world of Gaama. What transdroyneist horrors await on occupied Mirkushpaa, where the last few hundred inhabitants of this garden world live lives of drudgery enthralled to the Black Ships? What reason lies behind the Black Ship’s terror-war against all of charted space? Where do they come from? Courage alone can tear their dark secrets from the depths of the interstellar reaches beyond the frontier of charted space.

Here is the gateway to Chiep Zhez sector or “Cheap Seats” so nicknamed in Galanglic, the subsector next to Stane in the Astron sector. I have been working on both Chiep Zhez and Mavuzog sectors, I have them stat’d out, now just to populate them… my 1323: Beyond the Frontier campaign setting continues. Note: all canonical history applies; it is merely 218 years after the golden age of 1105.

# Cheap Seats or Chiep Zhez
# 2012-10-26

# Cheap Seats
# -9,0

# Cheap Seats
# Chiep Zhez (Zh)

# Source: dragoner   
# Ref:       

# Subsector A: 
# Subsector B: 
# Subsector C: 
# Subsector D: 
# Subsector E: 
# Subsector F: 
# Subsector G: 
# Subsector H: 
# Subsector I: 
# Subsector J: 
# Subsector K: 
# Subsector L: 
# Subsector M: 
# Subsector N: 
# Subsector O: 
# Subsector P: Netherburn

# Alleg: Na: "Non-Aligned"
# Alleg: Gw: "Guild Worlds" 

The data in the sector text files is laid out in the column format:

 1-25: Name
27-30: HexNbr
32-40: UWP
   42: Bases
44-68: Remarks & Comments
   70: Zone
72-74: PBG
76-77: Allegiance
79-98: Stellar Data

CZ-IV2535                 2535 E310000-0   Na                          010 Na F4V M2D                           
                          2537 X??????-?                               ?20 Na F5VI                                
                          2538 X??????-?                               ?12 Na F8V M2D                           
                          2540 X??????-?                               ?00 Na F2V        
Netherburn                2633 B444AA7-B   In Hi                       911 Na F5VI M0D                           
                          2637 X??????-?                               ?11 Na F5VI M3D                           
Amazhdevl                 2732 C440886-6 M Po De                       214 Na F8VI                                
Dirshiim                  2736 B546697-A S Ag Ni                       120 Na F1V                                
                          2739 X??????-?                               ?00 Na F5VI M1D                           
Kulagir                   2834 D388464-4   Ni                          513 Gw F5VI M3D                           
Nestishyie                2835 E610000-0   De                          005 Na F2V                                
                          2840 X??????-?                               ?23 Na F7V M6D                           
Argakshash                2932 C855331-4 M Ni Lo                       510 Na F5VI M7D                           
Iafre'ia                  2936 X9B9913-6   Ni Lo                     R 710 Gw F9V                                
                          2940 X??????-?                               ?10 Na F4V M9D                           
Julietta                  3034 D436711-3                               924 Na M4V                                
Lagkimsii                 3036 C345752-8 S Ag                          825 Na F5VI M2D                           
Fort Hejtved              3037 B330458-B M Ni Po De                    313 Na F5VI                                
FSB-Net                   3038 B465423-9 N Ni                          624 Na F0V                                
                          3131 X??????-?                               ?20 Na F5VI M8D                           
Farnham                   3134 C000453-9   As Ni                       323 Na F1V M1D                           
Ushladik                  3135 AAB8632-A N Ni                          614 Na G9VI                                
Mirkushpaa                3136 X788234-3   Ni Lo                     R 623 Gw F7VI M6D                           
Prevrstai                 3139 B000842-8 M As Na                       220 Na F5VI                                
Jura                      3140 X697443-7   Ni                        R 511 Gw K1V                                
Tsibidrsezh               3233 B301334-9 M Ni Lo Va Ic                 320 Na F5VI                                
Naagiar                   3234 C610324-8 S Ni Lo                       920 Na F8V                                
Gaama                     3239 B997200-A A Ni Lo                       520 Na F2V
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Old October 27th, 2012, 04:06 PM
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Default Btf:

Also for anyone who wants to see the four sectors I have made for my Beyond the Frontier campaign, they are in the file library here:

There is more information on the campaign setting in the wiki on obsidian portal through the link in my sig.
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Old October 27th, 2012, 11:56 PM
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I've made quite a lot of subsectors... see TravellerMap and explorerbase*. Which one would you people want me to post here?

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