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Old December 17th, 2011, 06:09 PM
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Default Jack of all Trades - Again?

So, I was killing some time last night by generating a character and rolled JoT, twice, in the first term, and once more grumbled to myself about the waste of the second roll (and a third as it later turned out, and that's only 2 Terms rolled). I've long held a general dissatisfaction with the JoT rule in CT. Not that later editions improved on it much to my taste. Leading again to tossing ideas around in my head about "fixing" it. Then a lightbulb went on courtesy something I'd read on Mongoose's Traveller forum...

Some background issues I usually lump in with this:

JoT as it stands: Too powerful (every skill at Level-0) but no benefit for rolling multiple times (which happens more often than one would expect).

Skills in general: Everybody has Gun Combat and Blade Combat at Level-0 offsetting a serious DM-5 for offensive use or DM+3 for defensive use. Anybody can teach or learn many skills at Level-0 with ease and in no time (quite contrary to JoT, imo).

Here's my most recent rough idea then, for discussion and general nitpicking:



The individual has a well rounded background in their career and is capable of performing a wide range of tasks with some skill and experience.

Each level of JoT grants a different set of skills at Level-0 depending on the career. JoT-1 grants all skills in the second table (Service Skills). JoT-2 grants all skills in the third table (Education Skills). JoT-3 grants all skills in the fourth table (Advanced Education Skills), even if the character has less than Edu 8. JoT-4 and higher does not grant further skills but does count towards rerolls (see below).

Our 1st Term Scout rolls Engineering-1 and JoT the first time He records JoT-1 and notes the following skills as Level-0: Vehicle-0 (choose type), VaccSuit-0, Mechanical-0, Navigation-0, and Electronics-0. All from the second table, not including JoT of course.

In the 2nd Term our Scout rolls Gun Combat-1 (choose weapon) and JoT again. He records JoT-2 and notes the following additions to his list of Level-0 skills: Gunnery-0 and Medical-0. All from the third table and ignoring the repeated skills and JoT.
Rerolling failed skill checks: JoT can add to the chance of success in certain cases. This reroll is not a separate attempt but represents the character's resourcefulness and experience. When the character fails a check for a JoT skill that they have Level-1 or better in they may reroll the check. The number of rerolls allowed is equal to JoT level, and each reroll including the first is at a cumulative DM-1.

Our Scout above has mustered out and is adventuring. He fails a roll to repair the drives using his Engineering-1 skill. Applying his JoT reroll benefit he rolls again at -1, and still fails, but still has one more chance to reroll (JoT-2 granting 2 rerolls) though this time at -2. Let's hope he makes it...

But what about the poor Marines and Army who don't get JoT? And what about that complaint about weapons skills at Level-0? Nothing about those issues?

Well yes actually

Instead of the Rank and Service Skills listed for Marines and Army change them to:

Marine: JoT-1 ...which grants Vehicle-0 (choose type), VaccSuit-0, Blade Cbt-0 (all blades), and Gun Cbt-0 (all guns).

Marine LT: JoT-3 ...which adds (skipping JoT-2) Medical-0, Tactics-0, Computer-0, Leader-0, and Admin-0.

Army: JoT-2 ...(skipping JoT-1) which grants Vehicle-0 (choose type), Mechanical-0, Electronic-0, Tactics-0, Vehicle-0 (choose type), VaccSuit-0, Blade Cbt-0 (all blades), and Gun Cbt-0 (all guns).

Army LT: JoT-3 ...which adds Medical-0, Computer-0, Leader-0, and Admin-0.

...and no Level-0 skills for anybody outside of JoT or Experience
Dan "far-trader" Burns

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