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The Fleet Ship designs, strategies, and tactics.

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Old March 26th, 2017, 08:01 PM
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Default System Mini-Yacht

The stateroom discussion got me thinking about how a small craft might be a more desirable, or at least cheaper entree into yacht ownership.

The small craft can be shipped for 40-95,000 Cr per jump/parsec, which can add up if it's done often but may fit someone's budget if it's just done once a year or say 5 jumps every 5 years.

I'm doing the easiest first run at this, assuming a 30-ton module for the CT modular cutter.

Open frame module version, 3 2tons for Small Craft Cabins for crew quarters and stewards/servants, 4 full staterooms with one double stateroom so owner's room plus 2 guests, 2 Emergency Low Berths, 6 tons for any combination of cargo/luggage and/or Air/raft.

1 MCr Open frame
.15 MCr Small Cabins
2 MCr Staterooms
.2 MCr Emergency Low Berth

For 3.35 MCr.

The Cutter goes for 28 MCr, so 31.35 MCr. Hmm, not so great when one could score a Type S or Type A for just a few million more.

The Type A in particular could be good for reconfiguring the cargo bay into tennis or gravball courts, swimming pools, holobays, etc.

However, if one could ship the module alone, rent a local cutter when it is to be in use, and ship for 30,000 Cr, it's just about the cheapest adventurer package possible.

An adventurer module might be 11 small craft cabins and as above.

Or say only one ELB, 1 stateroom that covers a quality galley/medbay, ATV/Gcarrier bay, 6 small craft cabins and 3 tons cargo.
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