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Old December 18th, 2016, 06:01 PM
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Default [CT Only] atpollard's PbP Traveller (1416.54 - Marco) Day 23

[Marco] - [Biter 1416.53.2345 IST (Day 54: 0845 local)] Beach, Ulricehamn
Originally Posted by Leitz View Post
Marco looked at Marti. So, we have a deal? I need to know whats going on down at the beach, and especially if there are more groups like that. If Im not here there will be other Dragons who will help you out.
Marco made some calls and spent some time with Marti and the kids. It came as a bit of a surprise that Marti was related to none of them and none of them were related to each other. Marti simply lived on the beach by choice and had chosen this location as far enough from the city to avoid most of the trouble and close enough to still keep an eye on things. The children had all just sort of found her and decided to hang around. Marti seemed to live according to some 'code of the beach' that said they were free to stay if they wanted to stay and go if they wanted to go, but as long as they were together they would look after each other. This would somehow please the ocean and bring them all something like 'good luck'. It was clearly a complex set of beliefs that appeared to be unrelated to either the Firsters or the Path, but one which shared many of the same basic ideas of 'do good' and 'live and let live'.

The blankets and a small first aid kit arrived, along with some small, portable camping supplies to make things a little easier. Marti and the kids each hugged Marco and Marti invited him back to the beach to experience a real beach party. She promised to keep her eyes open and Marco had to return to the Government Building to deal with Comms and questions. The break was over.


'Captain Sir' Marco Domici [M] (age 22*) - [UPP: 78A9*8(5/B)-7] (Captain/Tjanern/Domici): Admin 0, Blade Combat 1, Brawling 1, Computer 0, Diplomacy 0, Electronics 0, Gambling 0, Gun Cbt (Energy Weapons) 1/2 (T), Leader 1, Liaison 0, Medical 0, Mechanical 0, Tactics 0, Vacc Suit 1, Vehicle 0 - [visited 'Sanctuary', Pending Knighthood = Soc B @ Hofud/Biter] - [Elite (+3): AV 18, Lacar-13: 20(12)]
  • Martina 'Marti' Romero (age 16) [F] - Swim Instructor/Surfer - [Contact of Robert] ... Yellow Card who has little, but desires little ... teaches swimming, loves to surf, knows about beach parties ... timid and apologetic, lives for the moment, hates rats. ... Low Soc for a Yellow Card (borderline Red Card), Average physical fitness, little formal education, but smart and self-taught, squats on beach or in abandoned buildings ... Caramel skin, dark brown eyes, shoulder-length brown hair in a french braid ... wears comfortable beach clothes.
  • Adelia [F] (age 12)
  • Lucy [F] (age 11)
  • Claud [M] (age 9)
  • Denis [M] (age 9)
  • Emma [F] (age 8)
  • Eva [F] (age 7)
  • Henry [M] (age 6)
  • Ben [M] (age 4)
  • Kate [F] (age 4)

[Marco] - [Biter 1416.54.0030 IST (0930 local)] Government Building, Downtown, Ulricehamn

Marco quickly learned that the BDCR-E had not only reestablished comms on the East Coast and contact with the Government in Ifningholm, but they had also established a secret, secure Comm link with the BDCR-W in Oregrund. While giving the Baron a pat on the back for their plan to solve the mask shortage issue, the BDCR-E was able to pass on the information that the Deep Meson Gun was not merely under the control of Ingalil and the new Planetary Government, but the Blue Dragons were proud to announce that as of 1416.53.0800 IST, it was also 100% fully manned and operational. The best technical estimates were the weapon was capable of 1 shot per hour for 4 hours and 1 shot every 2 hours for the next 8 hours and then it will need about 24 hours worth of maintenance to be ready to fire again.

[Marco] - [Biter 1416.54.0110 IST (1010 local)] Government Building, Downtown, Ulricehamn

Marco was checkpoint locations with an Army Officer in an attempt to resolve a tempest in a teapot between two very junior officers that threatened to fan the flames of division between the Path patrols, the BIG patrols and the Navy patrols throughout the city. Marco and the senior liaisons from each of the other groups, who were just as eager to quash this nonsense, had resolved the major points and were just going over some final niggling details.

A Guide Warrior entered "Forgive the intrusion, Tjanern Marco, but there is a young girl at the door who claims to know you and is demanding to speak with you. She claims to work for you and insisted that we tell you that Marti had information for you. What shall I tell her? Should I make an appointment for her, or simply send her away?"

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