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Old June 19th, 2015, 01:00 PM
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Default MT Missile Variants

I recently found an old notebook with designs for MegaTraveller variants on the standard 50kg ship-to-ship missile, based on Striker descriptions of the statistics for missiles. I figure a missile turret is generally the best choice for a civilian vessel, not only because it has lower power requirements but also because the 50kg missile body is useful for other tasks besides warfare. The missiles below are designed at TL 15.

Missile hull: .10kl hull, configuration 3AF, armor 4G. Weight 1.4 kg, cost Cr1320.
Standard warhead: HEAP, 14mm, penetration 55, damage 14, mass 26kg, cost Cr440.
Guidance: Homing, Teleguidance & Target Memory, mass 3kg, cost Cr2300.
Thrust: 300 kg thrust grav plate, mass 15 kg, consumes .03kw/h, volume .006 kl, mass 4 kg, cost Cr600. 6G performance based on 50 Kg total missile weight.
Power: .105 kw/h battery, mass 15 kg, cost Cr 15,000. Endurance 3.5 hours, or 14 MegaTraveller ship combat turns of 6-G acceleration.

Total cost and mass: Cr20,000 per missile, 50 Kg.

Alternate Payloads (replace standard warhead cost with cost below):
Cluster warhead: 3x8cm HEAP warheads, penetration 42, damage 9 each. Cost Cr1440.
CBM warhead: Penetration 22, damage 6 contact, danger space=80 meters. Cost Cr920.
HE warhead: Penetration 25, damage 18, danger space 30, cost Cr312.
Cargo: No warhead, no cost, missile can carry 25 kg payload (unpressurized, no life support)
Active EMS Probe: Add Radio=System, EMS=Continental, battery supply for 3 hours. Cost Cr800,000.
Video probe/drone: Add holorecorder, Radio=Continental, battery supply for 40 hours (Grav thruster can operate for 21 hours at 1-G acceleration, 42 hours 0.5G)

The cluster warhead maximizes damage against non-military ships but cannot penetrate hardened military hulls. The CBM and HE warhead are primarily intended for orbital bombardment of soft targets or repelling soft-skinned boarding craft (ex: troops in vacc suits or powered armor, air/raft or Gcarriers conveying boarding parties.) The sensor-based missiles (Active EMS and video probe) are useful for military craft to extend sensor range and communications relays, but are of great utility to scout/survey craft, belters or other explorers.

The cargo missile is a quick way to move goods between craft (as long as they trust each other enough to let parties fire "friendly" missiles between them!" and also serves as a base package that can be upgraded with other sensors, communication devices and electronics. Passive EMS, radio and EMS jammers, laser or maser communicators, neural activity sensors, small neutrino sensors and densitometers, along with small batteries, can turn the standard 50 kg missile into a flexible probe. Add a holorecorder, radio and a couple of robotic arms (maybe even add a CT Book 8 robotic brain!) and you have a remote EVA vehicle that can complete small repairs outside the ship when it may be too dangerous to send a crew member outside in a vacc suit. Assume changing out packages is a Routine task (Electronics, Gunnery, Edu) that requires Mechanical and Electronics tool kits, and they become an even more important part of the Scout/Courier's arsenal.
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