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Old October 22nd, 2012, 03:41 PM
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Default Striker Book 3 DS 4 Summary

Hello all,

Here is how I think DS 4 and DS 2 work together. Bold type indicates the exceptions and additional material.

Book 3 Design Sequence 4: Multiple Rocket Launchers

Designed using CPR gun design system mortar characteristics with the following exceptions:

DS 2: A. Specifications:

DS 2 A1: Tech Level 6+

DS 4 A. Launcher: Consists of a number of launch tubes, plus fire control and carriage.

DS 4 A: Number of barrels
DS 2 A2: Bore Size
DS 4 A: Type = mortar
DS 4 A: Fire Control = Indirect
DS 4 A: Mount = Vehicle or Towed. Towed guns require a carriage
DS 2 A6: Gun shield

DS 4 A1: (DS 2 B): Crew
1. (CPR gun bore size normal crew DST pages 6-7 x Number of tubes) / 10
2. Minimum Normal crew = 2
3. One use MRL only requires a gunner

DS 2 C: Ammunition Carrier

DS 4 A2 (DS 2 D): Weight (wt.) in tons.
Total Weight = Weapon wt. + Fire Control wt. + Gun Carriage wt. + Gun shield wt.

1. Weapon = Weapon wt. x Number of Barrels x 0.01
2. Fire Control
3. Gun Carriage
4. Gun shield

DS 4 A3 (DS 2 E): Volume
Total Volume m^3 = Weapon wt. + FC wt. + Carriage wt. + Gun Shield wt. in tons

1. Weapon = Weapon wt. x 25

DS 4 A4 (DS 2 F): Price (pr.)
Total Price = Weapon pr. + Fire Control pr. + Gun Carriage pr. + Gun shield pr.

1. Weapon = Weapon pr. x Number of Barrels x 0.5
2. Fire Control
3. Gun Carriage
4. Gun shield

DS 2 G: Set-up time:

DS 4 A5 DS 2 H: Indirect Fire Range based on the range of the rocket used.
1. Short range rocket = mortar
2. Medium range rocket = low (howitzer)
3. Long ronage rocket = guns (medium, high, and hyper)

Book 2 Rule 35 B. Minimum Range page 6: 30 cm

DS 2 I: Accuracy

DS 4 A6 (DS 2 J): Rate of Fire (ROF) equals number of tubes.

Book 2 Rule 35 A. ROF page 6:
1. ROF = Number of tubes
2. All tubes are fired at once.
3. Cannot fire again until reloaded.
4. Reloading takes 20 game turns when not carried on the launch vehicle.
5. Reloading takes 10 game turns when carried on the launch vehicle.
6. > = Half and < Full crew reloading time doubles.
7. < Half a full crew MRL cannot be reloaded.

Book 2 Rule 35 B (DS 2 K): Direct Fire Range- MRLs may not fire direct fire

DS 4 B (DS 2 L): Rockets (Ammunition) are identical to mortar rounds with the following exceptions:

DS 4 B1: Weight: Rockets weigh twice as much as listed.
DS 4 B2: Volume: A rocketís volume equals its weight in kg divided by 500.
DS 4 B3: Price: Short range rockets have a basic price multiplier of 4; medium rockets have a multiplier of 8; long range rockers have a multiplier of 12.

Rocket pr. = Mortar pr. multiplier x Ammunition Type Multiplier x Rocket Range Multiplier

DS 2 L1:HE





DS 2 L6:Flechette

DS 2 L7: Illum

DS 2 L8: Chaff

DS 2 L9: Smoke
1. Two types of smoke: Chemical and Incendiary (Book 1 Rule 47 pages 47-48)

DS 2 L10:Chemical

DS 2 M. Added feature of Ammunition: The following capabilities may be added to any round at an added cost and (sometimes) weight.

DS 4 B (DS 2 M1):RAP option is not available for rockets

DS 2 M2: Laser Guidance

DS 2 M3: Variable Ballistics

DS 2 N: Signature DM

DS 2 O:Number of Targets

DS 4 C. Remote MRLs: Properly equipped launchers may be fired from a distance by communicator signal.

1. Both gunner and launcher must possess communication equipment and be in communication.
2. Launcher must include control equipment.
3. Gunner must have control equipment.
4. Gunner may control any number of launchers, but may only perform one fire mission at a time.
5. Only one fire control system is necessary per gunner.

Book 2 Rule 35 E: Remote Launchers page 6

1. Remote launchers are disposable and cannot be reloaded.
2. Only one gunner is needed to operate any number of remote MRLs, but may fire only one fire mission per turn.
3. The gunner must have the proper control equipment and be in communication with the MRL and the unitís fire direction center.
Tom Rux
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Old October 31st, 2012, 06:57 PM
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Evening all,

I'm wondering if anyone has had a chance to review the summary before I try posting any other ones.

Or should I forget about any other summaries?
Tom Rux
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