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Old February 3rd, 2011, 10:57 PM
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Default Feedback requested for a game idea

I have been tossing a game idea around for a week. This com message is the lead off and sets the tone for the adventure for 4-5 navy/marine characters in a gazelle.

What do you think of the idea and execution?


MESSAGE: SPNHNAV 1106-119-364



ALLSCTSPN (See appendix A)
All Spinward Marches Ling Standard and Subsidiary
Managers Grade J-4 and above (See appendix B)
All SPN Starport Authority Directors (See appendix C)

On 1106-112, the Fiery class Imperial Naval Vessel DISTANT EMBER was completing its class two overhaul at the Ling Standard Yard at EFATE, Efate/Regina 0105. The ship’s crew was in leave status, while the ship remained in commissioned status in the bonded care of Ling Standard Efate Yards, LIC.

Persons employed as contract security by Ling Standard Efate Yards, LIC, made unauthorized entry into the vessel, after apparently gaining unauthorized access to Ling computer systems and concealing the fact that the rebuild was accomplished seven days prior to schedule. The same intrusion to information systems was apparently used to fully equip the vessel with deployment equipment, including a full load out of nuclear missiles. (See Attachment A, security recordings of suspects)

The intruders launched from the yard, falsely claiming to Starport control that they were engaged in an authorized hover test. The vessel proceeded to the jump limit ahead of the duty security SBDs, and transited into jump.

Based on jump entry point, DISTANT EMBER may have transited to Louzy/Jewell 0804. Commander, Efate Naval Forces, dispatched a task force of one Wind Class Carrier and three destroyer escorts to Louzy on 1106-112.

Take all practical steps to discover and destroy or capture DISTANT EMBER. (See Attachment B, most recent sensor profile of DISTANT EMBER).

Imperial Naval Task Forces 193-02; 193-04; and 202-02 are directed to aggressively patrol solely for DISTANT EMBER on jump routes within fifteen parsecs of Louzy/Jewell 0804, with interstellar deployment patterns at their commanders’ judgment. As a general guideline, 193-02 is directed to concentrate spinward of Louzy; 193-04 is directed to concentrate rimward of Louzy; and 202-02 is directed to concentrate coreward of Louzy.

All Naval and Marine assets within thirty five parsecs of Louzy/Jewell 0804 are ordered to take all practical steps to aggressively patrol locally for DISTANT EMBER.

Take all steps to capture or destroy DISTANT EMBER short of the expected loss of a major Naval combatant vessel or Battalion or larger Marine force, or expected war with the Zhodani.

Commander, Spinward Marches Naval Forces, is the commander and proponent for this mission. All Messages and Data are to be directed to SPNHNAV Regina/Regina 0310, Ref SPNHNAV 1106-119-364.

All needed assets are to be drawn from standard fleet supplies. Excess supplies expended and all mission related damage repair are to be charged to EMERGENCY FUND D-411-5, Ref SPNHNAV 1106-119-364.

Appendix A
All Spinward Scout Forces are to watch for DISTANT EMBER and inform the nearest NAV/MAR activity if spotted. By order of Director Baron Sir Evdinci Vesseli.

Appendix B
All Ling Standard Activities are to watch for signs of DISTANT EMBER. Each world within fifty parsecs of Louzy/Jewell 0804 shall appoint a special manager to hire investigative personal to enquire as to the location of DISTANT EMBER, and shall discreetly post a reward large enough to ensure any available local information. Share all information with the nearest Navy or Marine Activity. Submit weekly progress reports to the Sector Board and Domain Board. Use corporate cost code Spn-Dom-4545. Directive of Lord Sir David Felititii, issued by Sir Ghento Killiti, Regina System Acting Director.

Appendix C
By Order of the Imperial Navy, under General Order H-4553-C2, take all steps necessary to monitor traffic for, and inform the nearest Naval or Marine Activity of the location of, DISTANT EMBER. Capture or destroy the vessel if practical and there is minimal danger to port facilities.

Personal Message to all addressee Commanders from Commander, Spinward Marches Naval Forces: This is a great stain upon our honor. Redeem our reputation.

Baron Rear Admiral Sir Davis Wallsizd,
Chief of the Naval Staff
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