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Old November 25th, 2005, 02:45 AM
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Later Traveller material has painted a picture of a stable, somewhat stagnant Imperium, in which the cause of the Rebellion (as shown in Megatraveller) was mainly the decay of the uper crust of the ruling class, namely the Duke- and Archduke- level nobility. The Civil War is also idealized as a clean conflict between Admirals over the Iridium Thrown.

Proto-Traveller paints a different picture of Imperial society, and of the true nature of the fabled "Pax Imperica".

A1 - The Kinunir
pp4-5: The Imperial has no problem with arresting and imprisoning (for life?) without even the pretense of a trial people who stray into an excavation of an Ancients site.

p5: "A young lady approaches the band hoping that they may help in the solution of her problem. Her father is both a noble and a senator, but has been missing since 1102. She has only recently learned that he is held prisoner by the Imperium itself in an orbital prison hulk at Pixie (0303)." Hmmm... disappearing people without notice...

p8: "The hulk, named the Gash (for its scrapped out drive sections) is a notorious political prison, with constant reports of torture and rights violations."

p8: "A retired shipyard worker remembers working at the General Shipyard during the construction of all four Kinunir class ships at that facility ... He remembers the severe labor troubles at the yard during that
period, and that the management was a band of slavedrivers."
Labor troubles, as we will see, is a recurring issue in the Proto-Traveller Imperium.

p9: "A mercenary captain says that he is en
route to Efate to join a mercenary operation locally organized to put down
a minor rebellion."
Rebellions and revolts, too, are a recurring theme.

p9: "A colonial official states that the Forboldn Project is lagging behind ... he will admit that it is because of social and civil unrest in that end (toward Efate) of the subsector."

p9: "A well-dressed young gentleman is found beaten in an alley ... Imperial subsector officials are pressuring him not to chart interdicted worlds."

p9: "Interdicted worlds are interdicted because the Imperium is trying to conceal its mistakes in social and political planning."

p9: "The Imperium has been suppressing political dissent in order to keep peace in the Regina subsector."

p9: "A recent uprising at Feri has cut the Imperial communication jump route from Regina to Efate."

p40: "The Navy is held to be more vindictive in its recommendations, using interdiction to punish local governments or to hide its own mistakes."

A2 - Research Station Gamma
generally speaking: The Imperial Naval Intelligence has no problem with secretly operating on an Imperial subject world, running an Imperial Research Station and abducting Chirpers to be used as experimental subjects in Psionics research.

A3 - Twilight's Peak
p11: "Dinom/Lanth. There is a revolution taking place at the moment, with each of the three major cities on Dinom isolated from the others."

p48: "Solomani sentiments differ, but there is a strong anti-Imperial faction along the Imperium's rimward border."
We are but a tiny candle flickering against the darkness of our times.

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