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In My 2300 Universe Discussion of non-canon ideas for use in your 2300 Universe

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Old June 24th, 2014, 07:10 AM
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Default A Game Idea I need help with

Well I've posted this in other discussion forums but knowing frankly not enough about the Traveller 2300 setting I've joined looking for help on a game idea I'd like to run at some stage but want to try and keep the T2300 feel even if I suspect I may be veering outside of canon.

Previous discussion changed the start from the PCs being escorted to meet a fixer to them being aboard a shuttle heading towards an automated transport heading from Mars to the Deep Space Station located near the asteroid belt (Picture a Babylon V style space station intended to help the mining process as well as serve as a transit station between the inner and outer planets of the solar system).

They have a couple of hours before the transport reaches the edge of the stations sensors so can easily dock, board and attempt to locate the package.

Using flashbacks I was planning on revealing the Fixer knowing about their past and debts offers to help them in return for a favor, namely intercepting the transport, picking up a package left aboard and returning to the station by another route.

In return they will be paid 10,000 for completing this task and some further work if they want it.

However upon docking with the transport it will become obvious that its a prison transport and the package is one of the slumbering passengers but the information they have been given doesn't match any of the listed passengers in the transport's database.

Meanwhile if a PC is left aboard the shuttle to keep watch they will soon realise another shuttle heading on an intercept course either indicating someone else was hired or perhaps they've been found out.

If they're still aboard once the other shuttle docks it releases a squad of troops who'll engage the PCs if they get between them and the package they arranged to be aboard the transport.

The package happens to be a young woman who was kidnapped after being lured to the Paris Spaceport over her citizenship being revoked.

Knocked out and put in one of the prison suspension pods (think kept unconscious via medication by a sort of autodoc) she isn't on the transport manifest for the simple reason she isn't supposed to be aboard.

If the PCs check the transport's internal sensors they will realise there's one too many slumbering prisoners' and using that will quickly locate who they're supposed to pick up.

The information they were given listed the specific pod she was stuck inside, however the transport manifest doesn't use that information instead listing the passengers by name, so since she isn't supposed to be aboard she isn't listed...

If the players' fail to notice this the newcomers will pretty much lead them to the right pod, but extracting her from their clutches will result in a firefight.

Now if they do manage to find her and undock before the incoming shuttle notices them leaving the transport then their return to the station passes without incident and they can make the exchange and get paid.

However if they are noticed the rival shuttle once they realise they have the package will blow up the transport and arrange for their contacts aboard the station to finger them for the incident to get the station security to hold them long enough for them to reaquire the package whether she's been revived or not (although if not it will be easy for them to retrieve her since the station security will be too busy questioning the PCs on why they're transporting someone in that pod to realise their evidence has disappeared from their lockup).

It has been noted that they could become chivalrous and free the young woman and attempt to help her escape from what they assume is the Fixer's clutches but does this sound fine to run using T2300?

Is there some details I ought to be aware of when running in this setting that I haven't addressed?

The above idea is assuming the French do have problems with corruption in their numbers and that its possible for a rival nation to pull something like this only to run foul of a Criminal Syndicate who have their own reasons to get involved...

Well this is my first post here so I figured I try and cover all the bases that I can think of, so thanks in advance I hope you can help me!
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