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Old February 23rd, 2018, 06:04 AM
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Default A Solo Campaign in the Spinward 'Neutral Zone'

I'm planning on a solo game for Classic Traveller, and I was thinking of going for a Firefly 'feeling'. What I had in mind was setting it right after the unpopular Third Frontier War, the war so badly run that lots of naval staff were forced to resign, even the emperor (Styryx) abdicated. I could set it in that bit of space between the Zhodani and Imperium I call the 'Neutral Zone' that runs through Vilis and Jewell - backwater worlds, dead-end locations - adventure opportunities!

I envisage many military veterans (like the PCs) travelling here to get away from the stigma of the war and make a fortune for themselves. There should be lots of Zhodani/IMperial covert plots occurring in this region, too. I think I'll run a husband/wife couple as the PC heroes, maybe detached scouts in a Scout/Courier, or a couple of ex-Naval officers in a Far Trader (see below).

I envisage a couple of tweaks though. Since I've never understood or liked the way Zhodani nobles can perform all those random mind tricks, I'm sticking with Telepathy only, and make it touch only. I know how Vulcans do it and I'll just go with that. I just chuck out Clairvoyance, Teleportation and Telekinesis. Second tweak: Arden is a matriarchy of noble women, with extreme laws and hunger for interstellar recognition. Also: my ship of choice will be 'Traders & Gunboats' 200 ton Far Trader, standing in for the Serenity, but I note the deckplan suggests it needs a 400 ton writeup.... that size, plus the front-loading ramp, plus the Jump-2 drive, make it a decent ex-military transport.

I've created 3 subplots for the solo campaign to hang smaller plots (that crop up in play) on:

1- A high ranking officer has fled to the Neutral Zone and established a criminal organization, based on the loyalties of more junior ranks who have fled here also.
2- EXpedition to Zhodane. Reverse it. Professor Ricket is suspected by the Office of Naval Intelligence of being brainwashed by the Zhodani, as a spy, so when he returns to EXtolay for supplies, they arrest him, and his daughter jumps away in Rock, to be found as a plot point by me later in the game!
3- The Arden Matriarchy as mentioned, tough interstellar merchant princesses, all eager to outdo each other, and play the Zhodani against the Imperium, and each Neutral planet against its neighbour. Suggestions that desperate Arden merchant-women have stepped over the line into opportunistic piracy, are denied by the government...

Any suggestions on this one? I'm not going to try to 'clone' Firefly, just try to recreate the 'set-up situation'.

I'm using SOLO for Cepheus Engine for the game play:
Paul Elliott
ORBITAL: The Solar System Setting for Traveller, a hard setting full of TL 9 technology, rockets, landers, Orion capsules and colonies on Mercury, Mars and the moons of Jupiter and Saturn.
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