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Play By Post - In Character For in character play and digression.

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Old July 26th, 2017, 04:58 PM
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Default [CT Only] atpollard's PbP Traveller (1416.56 - Doc) Day 25

[Doc] - [Biter 1416.56.02:10 IST (3:10 PM local)] Downtown, Hagfors

You enjoyed a wonderful lunch together and were glad to be somewhere with nobody shooting at anybody. Only the extra MP and occasional home made masks indicated that anything was out of the ordinary. After lunch, you headed over to City Hall to take care of the ID issue. Unfortunately, you arrived to discover that they were also closed and enjoying lunch somewhere. That was not preventing people from already starting to line up for when it reopened. It was not a difficult process, and everyone seemed friendly and helpful, but it was a tediously slow process that involved lots of standing in one line after another. It was mid-afternoon when Doc and Medic emerged with their new Government Issue 'White Cards', although Doc's ID identified him as a licensed Doctor.

Doc felt both ready for sleep and excited about seeing Niel and the kids in about an hour. Doc was outvoted as Natalie took Medic shopping and Doc was dragged along. It was boring and refreshingly normal after the last few weeks.

[Doc] - [Biter 1416.56.03:20 IST (4:20 PM local)] Warehouse District, Hagfors

The checkpoint to the Warehouse District seemed unchanged from Doc's first visit to Hagfors. No friendlier, but no more strict. This time Doc waited for the MegaCrawler at a Navy Warehouse rather than the more run down industrial area where he first arrived. Doc smiled as he observed the same packed frozen mud surface, military or civilian. However, the staging area was surrounded by a double row of trees, currently leafless and covered with snow, with raised planting beds surrounding each one. Wide paths paved with stones and all neatly shoveled led from the earth staging area to large, freshly painted warehouse doors boasting giant stenciled numbers. The gardens were currently covered in a blanket of snow, but even the snow could not hide the fact that the shrubs were perfectly trimmed and not a scrap of paper could be seen anywhere.

Maintenance of its warehouse garden was not the only thing that the Navy appeared to take seriously. Each of the buildings around the courtyard had two armed guards stationed in in front wearing Ballistic Weave Cloth Armor reinforced with rigid Composite Laminate Breastplates (AV 7). Doc paced the gravel path that ran parallel with the front of the buildings, between the rows of trees, and counted out the minutes with the crunch of footsteps on gravel as time slipped past 4PM. At last he felt the faint tremble, soon followed by the roar as the giant tracks churned the frozen ground to fresh mud and the MegaCrawler approached. Warehouse doors opened and Medical and Navy personnel swarmed into the courtyard even before the Crawler stopped moving. The door opened to the smiling face of Niel Solin as he saw Doc, Natalie and Medic standing there waiting to welcome the crawler and its crew.

The Navy insisted on speaking with Niel first. For just an instant, Doc thought the old man was going to take the Navy to task. The Three Laws of the Path do not place the Navy ahead of Family. Instead, Niel handed the manifest to the Officer in charge with a short "Here is what we have aboard. Now that is all I intend to discuss the matter until after I have spoken with my Clansmen."

Niel then pushed past the Navy Captain (Medical Corps) and left the man holding the data pad with a confused look on his face while Niel held out his arms and embraced Doc like you had been apart for years instead of only a few weeks. "So tell me everything that has happened." he said, then turned to Natalie "Is this your wife? You picked a good one." he smiled and embraced Natalie. Then turned his attention towards Brandi "and who is this young lady?"

"I'm Medic." Brandi replied "I'm Doc's prentice." She stuck out her hand.

Niel burst out laughing "Then I am papa Niel and you are Clan" He swept her hand aside and embraced her as he had Doc and Natalie. "Come aboard, we have some hot stew you can enjoy while we catch up on tales of adventure."

You sweep past an impatient looking Captain and a mixture of confused and amused Navy personnel. Those of the Path, seem to get it. Those not of the Path, do not understand.

  • Dr Vradok 'Doc' Joranger [M] (age 22) - [797B96] - (SC Navy - Lieutenant [O2]): ... (aka. Dr. Viggo Julin: Surgeon)
  • Dr. Natalie Westin-Joranger [F] (age 20) - [7A89B9] - (Surgical Intern - Ensign [O1] Biter Navy Reserves):
  • Brandi "Medic" Cooper [F] (age 12) - (Red Card from Borgholm): (learning Medic-0)
  • Niel Solin [M] (age 85) - (Path / MegaCrawler Driver: mid-8AM):
  • Margit [F] (age 29) - (Path / MegaCrawler Mechanic):
  • Flora [F] (age 26) - (MegaCrawler Driver: 4 PM - mid):
  • Ragnar [M] (age 16) - [232XXX] - (MegaCrawler Driver: 8 AM - 4 PM)
  • Alicia [F] (age 14) - (Doc's Child): Good Health (11)
  • Viggo [M] (age 9) - (Doc's Child): Average Health (8)
  • Steffan [M] (age 9) - (Doc's Child): Average Health (6)
  • Linnea [F] (age 4) - (Doc's Child): Poor Health (4+1=5)
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