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The Fleet Ship designs, strategies, and tactics.

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Old July 5th, 2016, 10:48 AM
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Default Art and Rough Stats: Endo/Exo atmospheric 35 ton Strike fighter

Yep, another one..sorry working on those skills...

I envisioned it as a fighter carried on docking clamps or external cargo clamps rather than in a docking berth, or in hangers. when it is being serviced or armed it's rotated into a hanger, gassed up and armed then back out to its clamps.

The process burns time but it allows a rapid launch of an entire squadron if needed. The pilot just wriggles into the cockpit, and the carrier jettisons the entire squadron at once. It leaves the fighter exposed to any incoming enemy fire which is a pretty significant balance to the fast deployment...but if a carrier is getting shot at before it launches someone has really messed up.

This is a pic of my 35 ton Drengahrfughl ( valiant Bird) strike fighter.
MgT 2.0 build.

35 tons TL-12 ( Can be Built on lower tech worlds)
crew 1 with virtual crewman software for pilot assist.

Streamlined with aerofins...obviously
Thrust 6 Gravitic,12 with reaction drive engaged.
Armor: 12
Advanced military Sensors
ECM Suite
Missile Rack
Pulse laser. High Yield, Focused, (Better damage, and 2 pts armor penetration)

Software: Virtual crew, Advanced fire control, broad Spectrum Electronic warfare.

The small winglets are the ECM/sensor antenna and for additional stability.

Wings and fins rotate back alongside the hull when in storage. or for landing.

It's designed for multi-role, multi-environment combat allowing it to act as a ground attack, anti-shipping,and strike role.

the hull and wings use forced air to alter airflow around the airframe and wings. air is taken in by the oversized intakes and channeled through the wings and hull, by varying the volume and velocity of the airflow it changes how air travels around the craft.

So it can adapt to varying atmospheres without physical changes to its structure.

The secondary wings are fitted with various emitters thermal, EM, and Gravitic to change its sensor profile. allowing it to shift the center of its sensor returns away from the hull. Missiles hate it when you do that.

They do not move in flight, so they only act as a sort of stabilizer to make up for the smaller tailfins...which are fully mobile with the entire body of the tail fins rotating to generate control forces.

The wings are fairly slim, but they are not expected to support the entire mass of the fighter when maneuvering, the gravitic systems do the bulk of the work and the wings and fins only enhance their effectiveness.Fuel is stored in the larger main body of the fighter

It can also carry several tons of anti-personnel/anti-vehicle tactical Missiles on the wings for extra ordnance against soft targets that would be a waste of its limited anti-ship missiles.

While nothing in the rules say you can't reload a missile rack in flight due to the design it doesn't carry reloads, it has four missiles then it has to retreat and rearm.

I could put extra ordnance in underbelly pods with no problem but this is a preliminary build so haven't decided whether to say with the limited ammo supply for flavor/variety, or go with concealed or internal ordnance.

the speed could be enhanced by end users, but it's not a speed demon interceptor/superiority fighter it's a bomber that can dogfight if it has to.

currently, juggling fuel loads trying to decide how long I want it to be abe to run on full burn.

Any Ideas, critiques, rotten fruit and veg???
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