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Reference An area for the staff to park copies of really useful bits of research by various members. PM nominations (with the url from the specific post - click the post number to get it -) to one of the staff.

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Old August 6th, 2021, 11:30 PM
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Small Starburst Interplanetary Travel Distance by Time and Acceleration

One Way Nonstop Interplanetary Travel
Originally Posted by LBB2.81 p10


D = Distance in meters (1 km = 1000 m)
A = Acceleration (1G = 10 meters / second2)
T = Seconds (12 hours = 43,200 seconds)
Originally Posted by LBB6, p28 and p46
1 AU = 149,600,000 km = orbital distance between Sol and Terra
12 hours (0.5d)4,665,600 km (0.031 AU)9,331,200 km (0.062 AU)13,996,800 km (0.093 AU)18,662,400 km (0.124 AU)23,328,000 km (0.156 AU)27,993,600 km (0.187 AU)
24 hours (1.0d)18,662,400 km (0.124 AU)37,324,800 km (0.249 AU)55,987,200 km (0.374 AU)74,649,600 km (0.499 AU)93,312,000 km (0.623 AU)111,974,400 km (0.748 AU)
36 hours (1.5d)41,990,400 km (0.280 AU)83,980,800 km (0.561 AU)125,971,200 km (0.842 AU)167,961,600 km (1.122 AU)209,952,000 km (1.403 AU)251,942,400 km (1.684 AU)
48 hours (2.0d)74,649,600 km (0.499 AU)149,299,200 km (0.998 AU)223,948,800 km (1.496 AU)298,598,400 km (1.996 AU)373,248,000 km (2.495 AU)447,897,600 km (2.993 AU)
60 hours (2.5d)116,640,000 km (0.779 AU)233,280,000 km (1.559 AU)349,920,000 km (2.339 AU)466,560,000 km (3.118 AU)583,200,000 km (3.898 AU)669,840,000 km (4.477 AU)
72 hours (3.0d)167,961,600 km (1.122 AU)335,923,200 km (2.245 AU)503,884,800 km (3.368 AU)671,846,400 km (4.491 AU)839,808,000 km (5.613 AU)1,007,769,600 km (6.736 AU)
84 hours (3.5d)228,614,400 km (1.528 AU)457,228,800 km (3.056 AU)685,843,200 km (4.584 AU)914,457,600 km (6.112 AU)1,143,072,000 km (7.640 AU)1,371,686,400 km (9.169 AU)
96 hours (4.0d)298,598,400 km (1.996 AU)597,196,800 km (3.992 AU)895,795,200 km (5.987 AU)1,194,393,600 km (7.984 AU)1,492,992,000 km (9.979 AU)1,791,590,400 km (11.975 AU)
108 hours (4.5d)377,913,600 km (2.526 AU)755,827,200 km (5.052 AU)1,133,740,800 km (7.578 AU)1,511,654,400 km (10.104 AU)1,889,568,000 km (12.630 AU)2,267,481,600 km (15.156 AU)
120 hours (5.0d)466,560,000 km (3.118 AU)933,120,000 km (6.237 AU)1,399,680,000 km (9.356 AU)1,866,240,000 km (12.474 AU)2,332,800,000 km (15.593 AU)2,799,360,000 km (18.712 AU)
132 hours (5.5d)564,537,600 km (3.773 AU)1,129,075,200 km (7.547 AU)1,693,612,800 km (11.321 AU)2,258,150,400 km (15.094 AU)2,822,688,000 km (18.868 AU)3,387,225,600 km (22.648 AU)
144 hours (6.0d)671,846,400 km (4.491 AU)1,343,692,800 km (8.982 AU)2,015,539,200 km (13.472 AU)2,687,385,600 km (17.963 AU)3,359,232,000 km (22.454 AU)4,031,078,400 km (26.945 AU)
156 hours (6.5d)788,486,400 km (5.270 AU)1,576,972,800 km (10.541 AU)2,365,459,200 km (15.811 AU)3,153,945,600 km (21.082 AU)3,942,432,000 km (26.353 AU)4,730,918,400 km (31.623 AU)
168 hours (7.0d)914,457,600 km (6.112 AU)1,828,915,200 km (12.225 AU)2,743,372,800 km (18.338 AU)3,657,830,400 km (24.450 AU)4,572,288,000 km (30.563 AU)5,486,745,600 km (36.676 AU)
180 hours (7.5d)1,049,760,000 km (7.017 AU)2,099,520,000 km (14.034 AU)3,149,280,000 km (21.051 AU)4,199,040,000 km (28.068 AU)5,248,800,000 km (35.085 AU)6,298,560,000 km (42.102 AU)
192 hours (8.0d)1,194,393,600 km (7.984 AU)2,388,787,200 km (15.967 AU)3,583,180,800 km (23.951 AU)4,777,574,400 km (31.935 AU)5,971,968,000 km (39.919 AU)7,166,361,600 km (47.903 AU)

Originally Posted by LBB5.80, p17
Any jump, regardless of number, takes approximately one week (150 to 175 hours).
Ships in jump space are untouchable and cannot communicate with other ships or stations.
Although jumps are usually made at low velocities, the speed and direction which a ship held prior to jump is retained when it returns to normal space.

Because of the delicacy of jump drives, most ships perform maintenance operations on their drives after every jump.
It is possible for a ship to make another jump almost immediately (within an hour) after returning to normal space, but standard procedures call for at least a 16 hour wait to allow cursory drive checks and some recharging.
175 + 16 = 191 hours

If a starship has insufficient Maneuver drive power to reach a destination within 192 hours (8 days) it will usually be faster to use the Jump drive to get there than relying on the Maneuver drive for the trip.
Space Anomalies can affect navigation through normal and/or jump space, altering the conditions underlying this assumption.

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