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Traveller 5 Discussion of the Fifth edition of Traveller, released Spring 2013.

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Old October 18th, 2013, 03:26 PM
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Default [Shipyard] Dakaar-class Freighter

Freighter Beshkhu F-TS13 Dakaar-class MCr340.1

The Beshkhu is a Dakaar-class freighter, an 1800-ton cargo vessel designed primarily for use in less civilized frontier regions. It sports the IDC FarDrive 3/Z jump drive, the LSP Impulse J1 maneuver drive, and the Grid 3v Tokamak/Z5 power plant, and is capable of Jump-3 and 1G acceleration. Fuel tankage supports 3 weeks of operations and one jump-3. On the bridge is a computer Model/3. The ship is streamlined.

There are 8 staterooms, gunner barracks, and no low berths. The ship requires a crew of eight: pilot, astrogator, medic, and five engineers. Up to four gunners can be carried. The ship has two double turrets with pulse lasers, one of which can be deployed as an emergency lifepod. The ship also has a missile turret and a sandcaster turret. There are no ship's vehicles. Cargo capacity is 928 tons.

Crew comfort: +0
Passenger demand: -5

   Tons	 Component                          	  MCr	Notes
-------	 -----------------------------------	-----	--------------------
   1800	 Streamlined Hull                   	  110	S
      0	 AV=13. 1 Kinetic Plate             	    0	
    540	 Jump Fuel (3  parsecs)             	    0	J3, 180t/pc
   59.4	 Plant Fuel (one month)             	    0	one month
   42.5	 Mod PowerPlant-3 (P2)              	 42.5	P 3
    8.5	 Mod Maneuver Drive-1 (J)           	   17	1 G
    145	 Jump Drive-3 (P2)                  	  145	J 3
      1	 Fuel Scoops 100t/hr                	  0.1	100t/hr
      1	 Fuel Intakes 40t/hr                	  0.1	40t/hr
      1	 Fuel Bins 20t/hr                   	  0.1	20t/hr
      3	 Fuel Purifiers 12t/hr              	    3	12t/hr
      1	 AR Ant EMS                         	  1.5	
      1	 AR T2 Missile                      	  0.7	
      1	 Vd T2 Pulse Laser                  	  0.8	
      3	 Vd T2de Pulse Laser                	  3.8	
      1	 Vd T2 Sandcaster                   	  0.6	
      3	 Computer Model/3 std               	 10.5	
      4	 Squad Barracks                     	  0.2	(5) R1 R1 R2 R2 R3
      2	 Clinic                             	    1	
     15	 Standard Controls                  	    0	
      1	 Crew Shared Fresher (2)            	    1	#2 4 crew
     16	 Crew Stateroom (8)                 	  0.8	#8 1 crew
     20	 Crew Lounge (5)                    	    0	#5 
    928	 Cargo Hold Basic                   	    0	
      2	 Cargo Lock                         	    0	
      1	 Mail Vault                         	    0	for express contracts
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