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Old January 14th, 2005, 09:48 PM
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Episode One:
Stateroom Number Three

So, the PCs muster out on Glisten/Glisten. They're an ex-Scout (with a ship, the Vulture), a Noble, n ex-Merchant Second Officer (also a rich noble), an ex-Navy Lieutenant.

They get together to start a company, with the nobles as investors, and the scout and navy guy as paid employees (also with some shares, but not nearly as many). They write up a charter and everything. They realize that they only have 3 tons of cargo space, but they have big dreams. For the moment, the plan is to deal in speculative trade, focusing on only the most high-ticket cargoes (pharmaceuticals, radioactives, etcetera) so a profit can be made, even though there's not a lot of room.

They find a lot of machine parts at a really good price, buy them, and prep to leave, headed to the agricultural, non-industrial Overnale system one parsec away (0307 B45467A 9).

At the last minute, a shabby-looking man wanders into their berth, chats mysteriously, and then abruptly offers cr50,000 for a trip two jumps away, no questions asked (and it has to be 2 j2 jumps away, too). The PC's waver, and the guy offers 75,000.

The PC's are really suspicious, but that's a lot of money, so they consent, if the guy is willing to be pretty much locked in his stateroom for the whole trip. Turns out the guy is willing.

At th last minute, an SPA agent comes in with a couple of security guys, asking about mysterious packages or any last-minute passengers. Just a routine check, he says. The PCs sweat a little, but tell the SPA guy that they haven't been approached. The SPA agent lets them know that if they are, they should alers SPA as soon as possible.

The players get out of there as fast as they can. At the last minute, they are stopped by a customs frigate who asks some probing questions and sends them some pictures about some suspected Ine Givar terrorists. One of them looks sort of like the guy the PCs are transporting.

Because they promised the guy two j2 jumps, they have to wait to go to Overnale later. They jump to Horosho (0508 C3378A6 A), where they refuel without much trouble at the Scout base. They act natural and avoid questions as best as they can.

From there they head to Romor (0510 B450456 8), but when they get there, they're faced with a surprise. The whole system is locked down by a Naval armada. Three gunboats approach the Vulture and let them know in no uncertain terms that Romor has been interdicted by the Imperial Navy. The PCs had best turn right bakc around and go where they came from. But the TAS hadn't issued any warnings, and Romor is on the X-boat route.

Something strage is going on.

Oh, and the Vulture needs to refuel, otherwise they ain't going anywhere. And don't let's forget there might be a wanted Ine Givar terrorist in stateroom number three...
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