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Old June 22nd, 2019, 06:00 PM
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Default SOLO Campaign - Onward to Spalding Part1

Current Adventure: Infiltrate
Date: 173 - 1120
Subsector/Sector Location: Tri-Empire/Glimmerdrift Reaches

Cast of Characters (Dean Team):
Dean Halvaard (Force Commander)
Character Reactions (SOLO p.18): n/a
Striker Anderson (Major)
Character Reactions (SOLO p.18): Considers Dean a rival.
Jansen Trueblood (First Lieutenant)
Character Reactions (SOLO p.18): n/a
Kyle Rheimer (Lance Sergeant)
Character Reactions (SOLO p.18): Likes to ridicule Jansen.

173-1120 Bakcyon to Macelight on board the CSS Hawk

Jump: Uneventful

180 - 1120

New System: Macelight (Tri-Empire/Glimmerdrift Reaches)

The team encounters starport security. The group is escorted to a separate room and their IDs are checked. The team members are released with no further issues.

The team notices an individual they had spotted at Bakcyon. He has followed them to Macelight. A coincidence? Not likely, since Striker noticed the agent has been tailing them since their arrival at the asteroid belt. That evening, the group meets in a hotel room at the starport to create a plan. The group decides to head out and tour the underground complex of Macelight. Macelight is home to a large mining operation, and the mining complex houses several shops, restaurants, and drinking establishments for the one million inhabitants of the asteroid belt. During the group's tour of the complex, they notice the same individual following them at a distance. Definitely an agent. Is it a 3FT agent? The group finds a section of back alleys located behind the entertainment district. These dimly lit alleyways are service corridors. As planned earlier, the group sets up an ambush for the tailing agent. After about an hour wait, the group does not encounter the agent. As the group heads back to the starport hotel, they notice a couple of security officers making their rounds through the service corridors. Dean smiles and waves to them, and the security officers return to the greeting. A brief discussion ensues, and the group convinces the security officers they had lost their way back to the starport hotel. The officers give them directions, and they return to the hotel complex without further incident. There is no sign of the individual who has been tailing them.
Maybe he spotted the security officers and decided to break off the pursuit?

187 - 1120

The team is delayed one week due to technical issues at the starport. The week is uneventful and the agent tailing the group has not been spotted since the previous week.

194 - 1120

Security issues at Macelight starport
(security check: Law Level check [6]; 2d6=8; Dean Team passes security check)

Travel off-system is delayed 1 week.

201 - 1120 Macelight - Gaucho (Williamsburg/Glimmerdrift Reaches)

Jump prep: no events. The team is now able to proceed to its next destination

Jump: no events

208 - 1120

Arrive in the Gaucho system
Jansen is robbed of 800CR. The group does a little reconnaissance and discovers a band of thieves operating near the starport. The team spends a couple of days in surveillance, and locates an area frequented by the thieves. The group sets up an ambush. The ambush ends as quickly as it started. The thief escapes and injures Striker with a slash from a knife.
Nothing serious, but first-aid is required.
A valuable piece of information is gathered during the week layover on Gaucho. The team spots the agent who has been tracking them since Bakcyon. They discover the agent will be traveling aboard the subsidized merchant, Tiger's Eye.

215 - 1120

Prejump: The group has created a fake itinerary for the Hawk, that states the scout ship is headed to the Sao system to deliver scout service dispatches. The group leaves them in a starport restaurant where they have spotted the agent sitting nearby. They try to make it look like the papers accidentally drop under the table as they are getting up to leave.

Jump: Gaucho to Jeffer-Scott
During the trip, the computer aboard the Hawk malfunctions. The jump drives and program routines for jump travel are unaffected, but several error codes are appearing in one subroutine of the navigation system. Kyle, the group's computer expert, discovers a virus in the navigation program. The jump coordinates are being logged in a tracking program that can be accessed from any starport terminal. A confirmation that the group is likely being followed by a 3FT agent. Kyle removes the virus, and hopefully the false travel itinerary and virus removal will end the tracking by the spy.

GM NOTE: As the Dean Team suspects, the group is being followed by a 3FT agent. The agent is not fooled by the fake itinerary and realizes he has been made. He knows the merchant ship he is traveling upon cannot keep up with the jump capability of the scout ship. After consulting a subsector map, he concludes the ship's likely destination is Jeffer-Scott. Upon arrival at Sao, the agent forwards a message to Jeffer-Scott via x-boat to a 3FT operative stationed at the starport in Jeffer-Scott. A new agent will have to pick up the trail on Jeffer-Scott.

Ruling Member #1 (3 Fists Triumvirate - Glimmerdrift Reaches [1133])
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