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The Fleet Ship designs, strategies, and tactics.

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Old August 5th, 2015, 02:46 PM
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Default Zhodani light fighter drone

Known by the Imperium as X-310, this drone is the Zhodani space equivalent to their warbots in ground forces:

Hull S1 streamlined10 dtonsHull: 0 Superstructure:1101.1
ArmorBonded Superdense9 points0.750.825
Maneuver sFGraviticThrust 1236
PP sGFusionRating 1236
ComputerModel 2rating 10-0.16
ElectronicsStandardDM -40-
Drone CoreTL 14Int: 9 (+1), Edu: 11 (+1)1.510
WeaponsFixed PBAccurate, very high yeld, variable range14.5
Fuel1 week endurance-.750
SoftwareManeuverRating 0-0
.Fire control/2Rating 10-4

Skills software (as per HG page 60) are: Intellect/4, Expert pilot/3, expert gunnery/3, Expert sensors/3, expert astrogation/2.

While more expensive than human piloted fighters, the Zhodani use them in quite high numbers (as happens with their warbots). The advantages they see are:
  • Off course: not risking manpower
  • The fact they are not affected by fatigue allows them to keep in patrol for the full endurance of their PP (in this case up to a week)
  • They save the crew's stateroom space (and life support costs) in their carriers, allowing for them to be carried in higher numbers (about 10-20% more)
Unlike the warbots used by ground troops, though, and due to the higher distances involved in space combat, the psionic flicking possibilities are limited, needing for a more autonomous (and quite more expensive) core.

When the fleet is not actively in combat, those fighters (as said above, not affected by fatigue as human pilots do) are usually kept out of the carriers as ready patrol, supported by the sensors of larger ships, so that they don't need to be scrambled in case of a suddeen attack. Most maintenance is done when the carrier is in jumpspace to have them ready for the next stop.

In combat Zhodani use to throw them in large flights (the offensive modifier is +2 due to skill, +2 per fire control, +1 per accurate, +2 per very high yeld, +3 due to dice/weapon, for a total of +10), usually trying to close for a Fast Straffing Run (HG, page 81, last paragraph). If the fleet needs to withdraw, they are usually sent in a massive attack to cover it (again, akin their tactics with warbots in ground forces), being considered expandable if needed (while any human piloted figher is recovered if at all posible).
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