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Old June 29th, 2007, 05:57 PM
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Default What goodies could a player find on Grandfather's World?

Warning. Really Long post here:

After playing the Twilight's Peak adventures and having my players end up on Grandfather's world (played through to a fairly satisfactory ending, I might add), my players have been scouring the universe for a way to get back into his pocket universe. So now I'm wondering what kinds of relics they might find there.

Our campaign has been running on and off for about 12 years now and the characters have come along quite nicely, so I've decided that eventually I'll let them get back and I've dropped hints and seeds on how it can be done. Now here I am at work daydreaming about the kinds of stuff I'll let them come across that Grandfather might not miss, should the players walk off with it.

During their first visit, they wandered around more in awestruck mode rather than loot and plunder mode and were kicking themselves after they were shown the door for not picking up any goodies. The interesting part is thatsince that visit one of the players has developed a psionic talent allowing him to identify the workings of alien or unknown technology, so he'll more readily be able to discern the uses of the Machines of the Ancients.

I'm hoping to create a thread of brainstorming where people can think up things that the players could find there. I don't care if it is portable or not. I am more interested in the whole "gee-wiz" factor.

One idea I had was a hangar-type building that would embed a new element found in the "super heavy elements" group on the periodic table (made up elements of atomic weights 121 and higher - adding a third row to the Lanthanide/ Actinide groups) basically replacing Lanthanum as the material required for the hull's mesh for jump drives. This new web would increase the efficiency of jump drives requiring a fraction of the power and/or extending the range of jumps. It would be big fun for the players until their hull was damaged and the web broken... (How do they fix TL20 Jump drives?)

Another idea was a perfectly flat area kilometers long on a side (and by perfectly flat, I don't mean following the curve of the planet, I mean flat as in the definition of a plane flat). But what would it be used for?

Small devices could include miniature power sources, like the antimatter battery found in Twilight's Peak, or a small box that generates electricity at near 100% efficiency from kinetic energy (shaken or stirred?), superconducting whatnots, more teleporting portals, black or white globe generators, intelligent robots not fully assembled, warehouses full of rare elements and robotic factories for construction of specialized components or factories that build the parts for other factories.

Could a Doomsday Device be parked in orbit turned off and mothballed? Heh heh.
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