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Old March 9th, 2005, 05:51 AM
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I'm currently researching the TO&E of a Marine regiment (the ground section of a Planetary Assault Group). Questions raised to my mind by re-reading Book 4 include:

1) The Artillert Table on Book 4, p.49 lists crew requirements for energy weapons in a "5/3/1" format. Does that mean that on the TL of the weapon's introduction, 5 crewmembers are needed, on the next level, 3 crewmembers are needed, and 2 TLs after it's introduction, only one gunner is required?

2) What weapon should a TL12 Marine G-Carrier carry? Type-A Plasma Cannon or a VRF Gauss gun?

3) TL12 Marine light artillery support (which, IMHO, should be Light MRLs) - what vehicle do you think carries the launcher around? Air/Rafts? G-Carriers? Speeders? AFVs?

4) Loading times for MRLs; the ROF noted on the Artillery Table is the maximum number of tubes that could be fired in a combat round - but how long does it take to reload the tubes? Could an auto-loaded be used (again, speaking of a TL12 force), and if yes, how long will it take it to reload all 100 tubes?

5) How are artillery and vehicle crews organized? Is each vehicle considered a "fireteam" or a "squad"?

6) Tac Missiles are menioned in Book 4, and it says that "they are described elsewhere" - but where are the CT stats for them? (mind you, I don't have Striker)

7) Is the RAM grenade adapter on most Book 4 rifles a modern underbarrel launcher (such as the M-203), or a WW2-era "rifle grenade" adapter? Is there any rule-wse difference between these two types of weapons?

8) Laser-based artillery weapons are mentioned, but no stats are given; how do you think they should be treated?

9) Given the fact that IMTU, most TL12 Marines are armed with Gauss Rifles, which weapon should be used for sniper purposes? Laser Rifle?
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