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In My Traveller Universe Detail what parts of Traveller you do (or don't) use in your campaign.

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Old August 27th, 2019, 01:15 PM
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Talking Streamlined Traveller, and some house rules.

Has anyone else done this?
Kind of like 'traveller-lite'

Due to a great deal of player confusion, I opted to implement a streamlined Traveller skill set.

Task resolution follows the stand 8+ with skill mod, stat mod (similar Mongoose but really from before that I've been doing this since Megatraveller) and a modifier based on difficulty.

Not exactly realistic but this allowed us to focus on story and moving things along rather than figure out which specific skill applied. And it made the character sheets fit on a 3x5 card again

Skills has been compressed in this fashion:

Engineers includes mechanical, electronics, gravitics. Basically anything 'Tech' that involves fixing things.
Science includes all sciences and medical.
Admin, Broker, Bureaucracy, Carousing are all social based skills and consolidated into Admin.
Tactics, Survival, Hunting, and Recon are combined.
Streetwise, Forgery and the like also combined.
Gun Combat has 3 categories: Archaic, slug, and energy.
Blade Combat is all blades, clubs, melee weapons.
Vehicles is all vehicles.
Heavy Weapons are all heavy weapons.
Vacc Suit, Zero-G, Battledress are Vacc suit.

YMMV but I found this cut back on the page flipping immensely.
If the above was too complex, I usually opted for another system like an Uncharted Worlds or Stars without Number.

I also implemented some house rules for 'EZ mode'
Low-Mid-High Passage were all consolidated into a cascade benefit. Armor, Weapon, or 10k cash. Duplicate rolls would be skill (Vacc Suit or Gun combat for example).
Re-roll all 1's and 2's on cash rolls.
If a survival/promotion/etc roll is failed, the player can opt for a complication instead and pass the roll. For example you ended up getting that promotion by using your connections...and the guy that got passed over and found out is now your Enemy. Or you got treated for the medical injuries (failed survival) but now owe some Corporation some major credits...or a favor. And so on. It's nice to create hooks right off and it gets the player engaged as I let them decide /invent what kind of complication.
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Looking for group. Virtual tabletop (Roll20), mix of classic and Mongoose with house rules.
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