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Old December 8th, 2017, 12:25 PM
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Default military slang and sayings (Some may be mildly offensive)

since we have a large number of former and currently serving soldiers here, I thought it might be a nice idea to collect some of the vast amount of military slang that exists, for use as flavour for roleplaying (since a large number of Travellers are also ex-forces)

I'll start with a few form the british army, in no particular order:

Admin: used as a verb (as in "use this afternoon to Admin yourselves"), covers anything you do to look after yourself. washing, shaving, eating, all count as admin, having good admin means your clean shaven, your uniform is clean, your bedspace is packed away and tidy, ect. field admin means the same, just doing it in a muddy hole in a field. good field admin is prized, as a solider who cant look after himself is no use to man or beast.

Scoff/scran: synomns for food, or eating. also used to refer to the canteen ("we'll be waiting here for a while, so get some scran on". or "coming to scoff? they have roast chicken today")

Rupert: officer, espically a newly commissioned 2nd Lt form a upper class background. somewhat Pejorative, implies the rupert has better breeding than sense. "Rupert" is sterotypically a "posh" mans name.

PONTI: Person Of No Tactical Importance. Pejorative term for non infantry, espocially when attached to infantry, who feel that anyone not also a infantryman is useless in a firefight, and thus are a liability that will need sheparding.

Badge: a Sargent Major, derived form the large and fance badge of rank they were to denote thier status ("get that hair cut, the badge is on the warpath over haircuts!")

Fill your boots: help yourself ("can i have some of that?" "fill ya boots, its not mine")

Gucci: derived the luxury brand, refers to anything that is better than standard issue ("ooh, check you out with your Gucci spec-ops boots! bet they must have cost a pretty penny!")

Outside the wire: refers to the perimeter fence of a base. "going outside the wire" implies entering a unsecured, tactical environment, as opposed to the safety of a base area. ("your a clark, why would you need night vision goggles? Its not like you go outside the wire!")

i invite the members of the forum to share and add their own. i;m sure i will remember plenty more later.

Last edited by aramis; February 15th, 2018 at 04:08 PM.. Reason: Adjusting title (to allow for the often mildly offensive terms used by many military troops.)
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