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Random Static This is the forum to post in if you want to discuss non-Traveller related topics. Off-topic subjects found in other forums will usually be moved here if appropriate.

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Old December 28th, 2016, 09:08 PM
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Default Interesting Space Opera Series, Samair in Argos.

This is a repost of something I mentioned on the TML, but I thought it worth sharing.

I picked up a four book (to date) self published on Amazon science fiction series recently and after reading through them thought that they have within them the seeds of a Traveller campaign, (or at the very least a good look not only at one way a MegaCorporation might get started, but how to build a warship covertly.) albeit one best suited to "..the back of The Beyond.." (Eg In the region to spinward of The Beyond.)

The series is called 'Samair in Argos' and is by Michael Kotcher and as noted above is currently at four books ('Pursue The Past', 'Hold The Star', 'First Principles' & 'A Greater Interest'.) with more clearly planned.

The first book is a 'Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court' type scenario with a cryogenicaly (sic) frozen Naval officer being re-awoken in a time some 200 years after a devastating war between two neighboring powers in a region that is still recovering from the damage in that war. She parlays her skills/knowledge/military accesses into a job on a tramp bulk carrier which ends up being captured and then retaken from some very nasty space pirates.

The next two books cover the tramp ship pulling into an isolationist system for repair and then through simple necessity creating a space mining/construction/ship building company that rapidly becomes the major commercial power in the system, much to the dismay of the systems government. The most recent book, re-introduces the space pirates from the first novel, who are revealed to be the agents of a warlord who is planning to make the region his own kingdom.

Now the author can tell a story, I went through the four books in five days, but there are some problems with layout and despite the author saying that he uses human proofreaders all four books have the 'word substitution' problem that comes from proofreading by spell-check, this does not happen constantly, but often enough to notice.

Also, his characterization of the various alien races that appear in the books does not come off well, it really does feel more like human sub-groups than anything else.

I am enjoying his long term plotting, I have a rough idea of what will probably happen in the fifth novel, but there are things that have happened in preceding novels that are clearly going to have consequences further down the track than that.
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