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Old September 2nd, 2016, 02:11 AM
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Default Some Questions

In the YIARN CAARDEE Vehicle Catalogue, there is continual references to a standard of weight and volume referred to as "vl". Nowhere is "vl" defined in terms of volume. What exactly is it?

There is also the comment that

Because water occupies about one cubic meter per metric ton, the displacement tonnage also defines the volume of the ship below the waterline.
One metric ton of fresh distilled water at a specified temperature equals one cubic meter of volume. There is no "about" to it. A cubic meter of salt water weighs slightly more than one metric ton, approximately 1.026 metric tons. One long ton, 2240 pounds, of salt water occupies 35 cubic feet, which gives the submerged volume of the ship, and also the weight of the ship in long tons. When specifying the displacement of a ship, you need to be careful to specify whether you are using a metric ton or a long ton. The difference in weight between fresh water and salt water means that a ship will ride deeper in fresh water than salt water, as fresh water is less buoyant.

Lastly, there is the statement that

a vehicle's loaded weight in kilograms is equal to its size in vls.
The 1943 Half-track CARRIAGE, MOTOR, MULTIPLE GUN, M16 with a quad powered .50 caliber machine gun mount had a gross weight of 19,800 pounds. The 1953 DUKW had a gross weight of 20,055 pounds, so very close to the same weight. The Half-track, when boxed for transport by cargo ship, had a volume of 1188 cubic feet. The volume for the DUKW, uncrated, was 2260 cubic feet. In 1943, the listed gross weight for the DUKW was 19,800 pounds. There is no hard and fast rule for volume verses weight in ground vehicles, and for buses, the cubic footage for volume is even higher than the DUKW. Conversely, the M4A4 Sherman tank had a combat weight of 71,900 pounds, and a shipping cubic volume of 1,529 cubic feet.
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