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The Fleet Ship designs, strategies, and tactics.

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Old October 29th, 2015, 09:41 AM
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Default 6H Sixth Horizon Variant

From a hidden showroom just outside Imperium space, Net-7 News has a rare opportunity to unveil a Variant of the Far Scout.

Sixth Horizon

It goes without saying that Vargr have a need for speed and the 6H variant of the 200 ton Far Scout is no exception. An Imperial Vargr spin on an established design and with a reaching, Fast Cycle, Jump-4 range added to a punishing 6Gs of Thrust; one needs to be seated in the acceleration chairs to truly appreciate the capabilities of this Far Scout variant.

With Piloting and Ship Systems Integration cybernetics, a Pilot/Astrogator need only think of vectors and sit back to enjoy the performance of the 6H. Leave incoming missiles along with your cares in your M-Drive exhaust trail. The 6H is a must for Travellers who need to get to their destination as fast as civilian conveyances can muster. Whether you want to watch the stars go by or nap through a quick jaunt, the 6H is an excellent choice for the expedient passenger.

Planet Surface to Orbit in 816 seconds
To 100 diameters in 2.9 hours

Is the 6H Far Scout fast enough for you? See your TL 14 shipyard nearest you. Download the 6H Far Scout specs and blueprints brochure for 1.76 MCr today.

Crew: Pilot/Astrogator and Engineer/Purser. Comes standard with two Servitor Robots programmed for Sensors/Gunnery and Steward/Gunnery and are designated “Bob” and “Vincent”.

Far Scout, Sixth Horizon Variant

Type Far Scout 6H variant Tons Price(MCr)
Hull 200 tons Hull 4 - 8
Streamlined Structure 4 - 0.8
Armour Crystaliron, Reflec 4, 7 vs. lasers 10 21.6
Jump Drive D, Fast Cycle Jump 4 25 44
Manoevre Drive F Thrust 6 11 24
Power Plant F 19 48
Solar Panels ~8 weeks ops on solar power - 20
Bridge Compact 7.5 1
Hardened - 0.25
Holographic Controls - 0.25
Computer Model 3 fib bis Rating 15 (20 Jump) - 4
Electronics Basic Military 2 1
Weapons Triple Turret(Part. Beam, Beam x2) 1 6
Triple Turret(Part. Beam, Beam x2) 1 6
Fuel 96 tons, one Jump-4*+2 weeks ops 96 -
Cargo 4.5 tons 4.5 -
Staterooms 4 Staterooms, double-occupancy 16 2
(2 Crew and up to six Passengers)
10 Low Berths 5 5
Extras Fuel Processor 40tons per day 2 0.1
Fuel Scoops - -
SIN Sensor - 0.15
Ship’s Locker - -
2 Servitor Robots - 0.5
Software Manoevre/0 - -
Jump Control/4 Rating 20 - 0.4
Library - -
Evade/3 Rating 15 - 3
Intellect - 1.0
Maintenance Cost (monthly) .19615
Life Support (monthly) 8000Cr
Total Tonnage and Cost 200 196.15
After 10% Standard Design discount 176.535
Architect Fee .176535

Mongoose Traveller Main Rulebook
Traveller Book 2: High Guard
Traveller Supplement 10: Merchants and Cruisers, pp. 57-58
Uses same deckplan as Far Scout

*Fifth Frontier War Era: Manufacturer recommends standard operations of Jump-3 with fuel remaining for emergency, Fast Cycle Jump-1 available upon arrival in-system with hostiles.

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