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Old January 24th, 2013, 08:33 AM
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Default Why not more Robots?

Question for discussion:

Why not more Robots? With the average TL of the Imperium, how come there aren't more Robots serving in various places? The TL gives the ability to make sentient Robots so, you'd think that you'd see more of them in the OTU. Why not a Merchant Ship with a Biological Captain, Chief Engineer and Chief Steward(And maybe a "Chief Robotics Officer") who manage/supervise a ship's crew of Robots. Or how about a Squadron of Fighters made up mostly of Robotic Fighter Pilots with a Biological Squadron Commander(and maybe his Exec) who flies on missions in formation with his Robot Fighters to supervise?

The only thing that I can see that argues against it is a Human prejudice against Robots "Taking Jobs Away." But once a Free Trader gets away from the Starport, who cares? It seems to me that a small group of characters could run a fairly large ship with the right mix of robots.

And the reason couldn't be cost. Look at the cost of a typical Type R Trader, adding in 4 or 5 Robot Crewmen is going to add what? 1%, maybe less, to the cost?

So, is there a TL Reason for not seeing more Robots at the Imperium's average TL? Economic? Or is it pure Biological Anti-Robot Prejudice?
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