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Old November 14th, 2018, 01:29 PM
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Default Citizen of the Galaxiad

Citizen Sir Rejnaldi da Santos is a minor noble in a society that no longer really uses nobility. He was expected to associate in certain circles and attend certain schools, but after high school he didn't go to an ivy league school like he was supposed to, nor to a prestigious business school. In fact he struggled a bit finding his place... and by the time that happened, things in the larger picture sort of got out of hand.

While working, he quartered in a smallish apartment in an institutional block building in an urban centre, located in a box canyon a couple hundred clicks from Credo Down. It was said that the building was originally Norris' force headquarters 800 years ago. That's what the landlord typically said when the rent came due.

Citizens, Galaxiad Style

The central focus of the Galaxiad is the Brotherhood: a collection of Citizens whose training only starts with their career.

I'm using T5.10 (five dot ten) rules.

The focus of the Citizen is participation in local society, with an ordinary job and ordinary interests... until things start happening.

Citizen Sir Rejnaldi da Santos. A direct-line descendent (apparently) of Bennet Lai da Santos, Rejnaldi was born on Regina in year 1870 (by the old Imperial calendar).

After completing high school (rolling 2D for each characteristic, I get 7 6 9 A 6 B), Rejnaldi starts working in a vocational placement center. In his first term (roll 2D<Str; he rolls a 10 (fail)) he fails to secure a permanent job. However, he does learn four skills (Vacc Suit, Trader, Trader again, Bureaucrat).

Age 22 (Citizen 1) Bureaucrat-1, Trader-2, Vacc Suit-1.

In his second term (roll 2D<Dex; he rolls a 3) he picks up a fighting hobby (roll on the Citizen Skills table: A=2, B=6, C=2, Blades-2). He also learns to work in hostile conditions (Hostile Environment), estimate the value of goods (Broker), help people (Counsellor), all within an institutional setting (Bureaucrat).

Age 26 (Citizen 2) Broker-1, Bureaucrat-2, Counsellor-1, Fighting-0 (Blades-2), Hostile Environment-1, Trader-2, Vacc Suit-1.

In his third term (roll 2D<End; he rolls a 4), Rejnaldi lands a fulltime position in the Embassy (roll on Citizen Skills table: A=3, B=5, C=4, Diplomat), and improves some of his skills (Navigator, Bureaucrat, Trader, JOT).

Due to events beyond his control, he leaves his "fulltime job" (rolling three times on the Money table, DM+terms, he rolls 6, 7, and 9) with a StarPass and Cr60,000.

Sir Rejnaldi da Santos 769A6B Age 30 (Citizen 3) StarPass Cr60,000.

Broker-1, Bureaucrat-3, Counsellor-1, Diplomat-1, Fighting-0 (Blades-2), Hostile Env-1, JOT-1, Navigator-1, Trader-3, Vacc Suit-1.

** To this skill list is added new training which takes place separate from his career. For Rejnaldi that list is TBD.
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