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Play by Post - OOC For Out of Character (OOC) discussion of the in-character threads.

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Old October 26th, 2015, 11:16 AM
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Default OOC Thread: [Leitz PbP at Wardn]

Benjamin Webb [797874-4] (age 30) (ex-Army Major, ex-Pirate)
Rifle-3, Blade-2, Heavy Weapons-1, Jack-o-T-1, Recon-1, SMG-1, Tactics-1, Air Raft-0, Brawling-0, Electronics-0, Gambling-0, Gunnery-0, Mechanical-0

APPEARANCE: Tan skin, green eyes, short dirty blond hair. Average height (175 cm/5'10") with a slender build. His facial features make him appear a little younger than he actually is, but most people find him slightly unattractive.

EQUIPMENT: A break-down Sniper Rifle with Electronic Scope, 9mm PDW, Blade

There was a war on and the Navy had decided to draft him, so unless Ben did something, he was looking at 4 years of Navy scut work in his future. He inquired about OCS or some sort of Technical Specialty, but the Navy was not interested, however, both the Merchant Marine and the Army would be glad to accept him. Ben hated starships, the closed confined spaces reminded him of the small one-room schoolhouse and countless rules and rulers across the knuckles, so he chose the Army.
  • TERM 1: The Army treated Ben well, training him as a sniper (Rifle-2, Recon-1). They decided that he had potential and sent him off to OCS to become a Lieutenant and learn SMG-1 and Tactics-1. He served on the staff at a Heavy Weapons Garrison where he helped train recruits in marksmanship (Heavy Weapons-1), earning him a promotion to Captain and command of a Recon Training Program. Throughout his time at the garrison, Ben discovered that there were methods of learning that didn't involve classrooms and rulers, and he spent his spare time devouring all of the Army Education Tapes that he could acquire ... especially those that dealt with History, Tactics, Strategy or anything else that Ben thought might actually be useful (+2 EDU).
  • TERM 2: Ben was doing well in the Army and the need for skilled soldiers was desperate, so he signed up for a second term with the Army to continue to train warriors at the Heavy Weapons Garrison. The war was going badly and the General initiated a new and harsher program intended create better soldiers. Increased physical conditioning helped Ben to improve his skill with all weapons (+1 DEX). His positive attitude was rewarded with a promotion to Major and additional training in hand to hand combat (Blade-1). By the fourth year of his second term, the battle front had reached his Garrison. The commanding officer was killed in an air strike and Major Westfield was placed in command and briefly became "acting Lt. Colonel Westfield". Sometimes, even your best efforts are not enough, and, unfortunately, the victors get to write the history books. One morning word came through the comm that the capital had been destroyed by orbital bombardment, the government was destroyed, the nation that Ben had fought to serve and protect no longer existed. The final message from HQ was brief and to the point: "Good luck. You’re on your own." Ben issued final instructions to his troops, equipped them to the best of his ability explained their few, poor options, and sent them out with instructions to trust their training and the man next to them. For seven months, Ben operated a resistance cell behind what was now occupied territory, but eventually, only he and an old Sergeant remained. The cause was lost. It was time to yield the field of battle. Major Benjamin Howard Westfield had been tried and convicted of war crimes (in absentia), so he buried his ID tags near the base of a tree, burned all identification from his uniform, and dismantled his sniper rifle and scope. Benjamin Webb had no possessions except what fit in an old backpack (a disassembled Rifle, a scope, a PDW, a combat blade). His only ID was Cr 30,000 in petty cash from his last official command. The ship accepted his no questions asked 'payment' for passage off the world and welcomed Ben Webb to the crew. Ben was now a 'Merchant' - they laughed.
  • TERM 3: Ben quickly discovered that the price for his 'freedom' was 4 years of indentured service aboard the ship. The ship started out giving all appearances of being a legitimate Free Trader drawn to shady business deals with violent individuals. Ben provided often needed additional security. Life was not particularly dangerous, but profits proved elusive. Ben proved reliable during the first year, so the tracking device was removed from his ankle and he became a regular member of the crew by the end of the second year. A violent change of captain brought an equally violent change of mission, and the third year saw the ship engaged in outright piracy. Ben was nearly killed several times and was never able to really get the hang of zero-G combat, however he did learn a new school of street fighting with an edged weapon (Blade-2). The entire 'Free Trader' experience had taught Ben how to make due with what was at hand (J-o-T-1) and improved his marksmanship (Rifle-3). As the end of his term of indenture approached, the crew started pressuring Ben to stay aboard because they liked having a security officer who could handle a rifle, SMG or blade, but Ben was eager to be off the ship and out of that career. Following a big score in Piracy, the crew decided to go legit and slowly lost a fortune in speculative trade. Following one of the rare successful sales, the crew was celebrating when Ben saw (and seized) an opportunity to escape. He boarded an old but legitimate Free Trader with a group of tourists and spent every last credit on the two J2 low passages that would land him on someplace called Wardn. A chance for Ben to start over. To finally escape his past and make a new life for himself.

[787854-8] (age 18)

Term 1 (age 18-21): Army
[free Rifle-1]
Survival: (2d6)[5][4](9) ... [+6]
Commission: (2d6)[5][2](7) = LIEUTENANT [free SMG-1]
(Lt) Commission Skill: (1d6)[4](4) - Tactics
Promotion: (2d6)[5][1](6) = CAPTAIN
(Capt) Promotion Skill: (1d6)[6](6) - Gun Cbt
Reenlist: (2d6)[5][2](7)
Skill: (1d6)[4](4) - Fwd Obs [Recon]
Skill: (1d6)[6](6) - Gun Cbt
Muster: (1d6)[3](3) - [+2 EDU]

Army Rank 1-2 Muster: (1d6)[4](4) - Gun
yr 2 General Assignment: (1d6)[4] Staff
yr 2 Unit Assignment: (2d6)[8] Garrison
Survive [reference only]: (2d6)[6] - auto
Decoration: (2d6)[8] - none possible
Promotion [reference only]: (2d6)[11]
Skill [reference only]: (1d6)[3] - (Heavy Weapons)
yr 3 General Assignment: (1d6)[6] Staff
yr 3 Unit Assignment: (2d6)[7] Garrison
Survive [reference only]: (2d6)[7] - auto
Decoration: (2d6)[8] - none possible
Promotion [reference only]: (2d6)[8]
Skill [reference only]: (1d6)[4] - (Heavy Weapons)
yr 4 General Assignment: (1d6)[1] Command
yr 4 Unit Assignment: (2d6)[6] Garrison
Survive [reference only]: (2d6)[4] - auto
Decoration: (2d6)[8] - none possible
Promotion [reference only]: (2d6)[8]
Skill [reference only]: (1d6)[6] - (Recon)

Term 2 (age 22-25)
Survival: (2d6)[3][4](7) ... [+4]
Promotion: (2d6)[1][6](7) = MAJOR
(Major) Promotion Skill: (1d6)[5](5) - Blade Cbt
Reenlist: (2d6)[1][2](3) = FAIL
Skill: (1d6)[2](2) - [+1 Dex]
Muster: (1d6)[5](5) - [Cr 10,000]
Army Rank 3-4 Muster: (1d6)[6](6) - [Cr 20,000]

yr 5 General Assignment: (1d6)[4] Staff
yr 5 Unit Assignment: (2d6)[8] Garrison
Survive [reference only]: (2d6)[12] - auto
Decoration: (2d6)[5] - none possible
Promotion [reference only]: (2d6)[9]
Skill [reference only]: (1d6)[3] - (Heavy Weapons)
yr 6 General Assignment: (1d6)[5] Staff
yr 6 Unit Assignment: (2d6)[7] Garrison
Survive [reference only]: (2d6)[3] - auto
Decoration: (2d6)[7] - none possible
Promotion [reference only]: (2d6)[7]
Skill [reference only]: (1d6)[4] - (Heavy Weapons)
yr 7 General Assignment: (1d6)[5] Staff
yr 7 Unit Assignment: (2d6)[6] Garrison
Survive [reference only]: (2d6)[7] - auto
Decoration: (2d6)[9] - none possible
Promotion [reference only]: (2d6)[8]
Skill [reference only]: (1d6)[4] - (Heavy Weapons)
yr 8 General Assignment: (1d6)[3] Command
yr 8 Unit Assignment: (2d6)[9] Training
Survive [reference only]: (2d6)[4] - auto
Decoration: (2d6)[8] - none possible
Promotion [reference only]: (2d6)[6]
Skill [reference only]: (1d6)[2] - (Gun Combat)

Term 3 (age 26-29) ... Merchant/Pirate
Survival: (2d6)[5][6](11) ... [+8]
Commission: (2d6)[4][1](5) = 4th Officer
(4th Officer) Commission Skill: (1d6)[5](5) - Blade Cbt
Reenlist: (2d6)[6][5](11)
Skill: (1d6)[3](3) = Jack-o-T
Muster: (1d6)[1](1) = Low Passage
Merchant Rank 1-2 Muster: (1d6)[3](3) - GunCbt

yr 9 Specific Assignment: (1d6+7)[11] - Exploratory Trade
Survive [reference only]: (2d6)[6] - yes (+1)
Skill [reference only]: (1d6)[1] - (blade/streetwise)
Bonus [reference only]: (2d6)[6] - no (-2)
yr 10 Specific Assignment: (1d6+7)[9] - Charter
Survive [reference only]: (2d6)[8] - auto
Skill [reference only]: (1d6)[1] - (blade/streetwise)
Bonus [reference only]: (2d6)[10] - yes (+0)
yr 11 Specific Assignment: (1d6+7)[13] - Piracy
Survive [reference only]: (2d6)[2] - no (-5)
Skill [reference only]: (1d6)[1] - (blade/streetwise)
Bonus [reference only]: (2d6)[9] - yes (+4)
yr 12 Specific Assignment: (1d6+7)[10] - Speculative Trade
Survive [reference only]: (2d6)[6] - yes (+1)
Skill [reference only]: (1d6)[5] - (tactics/zero-G Cbt)
Bonus [reference only]: (2d6)[3] - no (-4)

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