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Old March 5th, 2017, 04:20 AM
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Default [Stellagama Publishing] These Stars Are Ours!

Stellagama Publishing is proud to present:


These Stars Are Ours is a space-opera setting for the Cepheus Engine Core Rules and other OGL 2D6 SciFi games. Set in 2260 AD - two years after the Terrans took Keid and forced the Reticulan Empire to capitulate - it introduces the player characters to the immediate aftermath of the Terran victory in the Terran Liberation War against the mighty Reticulan Empire and its many thralls. For their part, the upstart Terrans, bolstered by their victory against their old masters, now move to become a power to be reckoned with in interstellar affairs. Against this background of espionage, maneuvering, and saber-rattling, and on the new interstellar frontiers, the player characters can forge a destiny of heroes or villains of the new United Terran Republic. The book provides all the astrography and background necessary to set a sci-fi campaign in the exciting times of the 23rd century.

This book contains:
- History and background material for 23rd century Terra and the larger universe.
- Corporations, political parties, and illegal groups both Terran and alien.
- 4 major alien species and several minor ones all detailed.
- Rules for generating and playing characters from 6 alien species.
- 7 alien careers and 12 Terran ones.
- Advanced character generation rules and event tables for all included careers.
- Rules for cybernetic augmentation, body modification, and cyborg conversion.
- 2 small craft and 5 starships with full game statistics and high-res deck plans.
- The Terran Borderlands including 64 detailed worlds and a high-res star map.
- 12 Patrons offering adventurous missions to the players' characters.

Note that this book provides character generations, biological and cultural background, and flying saucers (!) for playing Grey Aliens from Zeta 2 Reticuli ready to drop into any Cepheus Engine campaign!

We are but a tiny candle flickering against the darkness of our times.

Stellagama Publishing - Visit our Blog, Den of the Lizard King
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Old March 12th, 2017, 11:18 AM
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Default I like it!

My review here.

These Stars Are Ours! (TSAO) is a tabletop RPG Sci-Fi setting for the Cepheus Engine or 2D6 OGL SCIFI (nee Traveller SRD). TSAO is a complete Alternate Traveller Universe (ATU) small-ship setting that offers rich background, interesting aliens, and many adventure seeds for the Referee. Though not without a few warts, TSAO shows the great potential of Cepheus Engine used in a setting beyond the classic Third Imperium. TSAO may be the first setting to take full advantage of the Cepheus Engine rules from the ground up and joins Gypsy Knight Games The Clement Sector and Zozer Games Orbital 2100 as yet another example of the vibrant Cepheus Engine community of rules and settings.
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ogl, setting, universe

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