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In My Traveller Universe Detail what parts of Traveller you do (or don't) use in your campaign.

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Old July 10th, 2016, 06:16 AM
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Default Alternate Jump Drive

The non-OTU setting based on Mongoose Traveller I run has a number of tweaks to the way Jumps operate.

The drives are rated 1 to 6, as per standard Traveller rules; but instead of one Jump lasting one week, a Jump could last one or more weeks, always a whole multiple of [148 + 6D] hours. Once in Jump, the ship travels through a hyperspace corridor or wormhole running along the underside of the skin of the universe.

During that time, the ship travels its rated distance in parsecs per week of travel: a Jump-4 ship running Jump-4 on its computer could make a trip of sixteen parsecs in a single, four-week Jump. Even a Jump-1 ship could make the journey to the same destination sixteen parsecs away in a single Jump, but it would take the crew sixteen weeks to make that trip.

A Jump-4 ship could choose to run Jump-2, for instance, to make the same trip - but it would take eight weeks to travel, so there's little point in making a trip at less than full speed.

If a ship has to make a journey of an awkward length, for example a Jump-4 ship having to travel to a system five parsecs away, the voyage still takes a whole number of weeks. For example, regardless of whether the planet was five, six or seven parsecs away, the Jump-4 ship would take two weeks to get there.

Sometimes, it pays to run a Jump-4 ship at Jump-2. For instance, if one has to Jump to a planet just two parsecs away, a Jump-2 will only consume half the fuel, and the ship still gets there in one week.

And that brings up the other major tweak: the fuel consumption. Half the fuel is consumed to open the Jump point at the point of origin to enter the corridor, and the second half is burned to open up the Jump point to enter normal space at the destination system.

Oh, and the amount of fuel used in a single Jump is equal to the Jump, divided by ten, multiplied by the mass of the Jump drive. Not the mass of the ship.

In this setting, stellar rifts are no problem, providing the crew has enough time to prepare for a long trip in the corridor. And since I also handwave away the low berth unreliability issue (it is only an issue during the TL that low berths are invented, and the issue goes away for TL +1 or higher) it means that all Starships are routinely equipped with low berths for both passengers and crew, with skeleton crews operating on rotation while the main body of the crew sleeps off their long voyages.
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