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Old December 6th, 2007, 07:19 PM
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Default An old scout's tale... (jump36!)

A grizzled veteran Scout XBoat pilot in a bar...
"I was there back in the beginning, I tell ya. Kuma As. 'Twas a old Solomani Scout Base. A researcher in R&D, combined with the Scout Fleet Ops guys, came up with this wild idea. 8000 ships, scouts, all jumping at once, refined fuel, *from the surface* of that barren moonlet. They assured us the ships wouldn't get destroyed from the misjumps. Most had no problem at all, just jumped to Sylea and back. 'Twas those 1300 others that misjumped, all I can figure is we tore a hole in the space-time continuum. Weirdest thing, I tell ya. We had ships returning for the next month and a half. Well, reentering N-space I mean. We had ships made jump 36, in *a week*. We had ships arrive in Sylea 6 weeks later. Their ship may not have blown, but something happens to a man after 6 weeks in jump space: I seen it. You guys think the Navy runs the Imperium, that us X-Boaters just shuffle around at a measley Jump 4, outpaced by the Navy's Jump-6 couriers. You don't know the real story, the *whole* story. Why do you think the MinTrade BuStandards OfCalender Compliance (the OCC) was established? But then you've never been hit up with an Imperial Travel Requisition, likely, like one of these (shows one). Standard issue to XBoat Pilots. Let's just say, the Imperium goverment is verrry touchy about people asking our xboat pilots what the date is when they arrive back in N-Space. Wouldn't do at all to have them jumping in from 36 parsecs out in a week. (Laughs) and people think an XBoat can misjump. You hear the latest from Capital yet? <smiles> Hear a TAS feed just came in. You notice his XBoat patch has a 13/00 on it.

<so 7624 scout ships purified fuel jumping within 10d, misjump 10+ (17%) no destruction chance. 1296 misjump, 216 weekly rearrive in NSpace for 6 weeks, from 1-36 parsecs and in 1-6 directions. you get an outgoing J36 in a week in each of the six directions (and an outgoing J35, 34, etc). Maybe the Xboats, scout/couriers and xboat tenders are really serving as a recieving/returning element of this. Maybe this is what XBoat Waystations do. Maybe the Imperium has an outgoing/nodal J1-36 capability for data/mail/news/orders transmissions. Fundamental communications exceeding transport, at least outgoing (i could see stations transmit/recieve for this for 2-way commo, but not many it's pretty expensive). Assuming 29.43MCr s/c's: 224,374.32MCr as you only "lose" 1296 heading out on the misjumps each "transmission", 1296x=38,141.28MCr, 'bout the price of a cruiser.>

!!! jump 36, better than grandfather !!!

I like the idea of XBoat pilots reentering NSpace, wondering where, *and when* they are.
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