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Old June 16th, 2019, 12:29 AM
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Default Dire Vargr

Science tells us that the Dire Wolf died out in North America some 100,000 years ago. But recent Imperial research has discovered a subsector deep in the coreward recesses of the Extents predominantly populated by a larger Vargr variant. DNA samples match recorded DNA of bones preserved in North American tar pits on Terra. Current hypothesis is that Grandfather and "his children" kept sampling the Dire Wolf species until there were none left.

Dire Vargr
Average Height 2 meters
Str; 3d6
Dex; 2d6
End; 3d6
Int; 2d6
Edu; 2d6
Cha; 2d6

Otherwise standard Vargr career generation.

Unique tech; Dire Vargr are a little more organized than their gray wolf cousins, and have managed to hang onto some samples of Ancient technology; notably that dealing with defense/military, food generation and medical. Dire Vargr society, for whatever reason, hasn't expanded beyond the Listanaya sector, in spite of having superior starship technology; antimatter is a known fuel source.

Society; Dire Vargr society is somewhat less mercurial than the rest of the extents, and comparatively stable and normal by human standards. Noteworthy are the less "drastic" color schemes around Dire Vargr worlds, possible as a result of having eyes more akin to humans than the comparatively color restrictive Vargr descended from gray wolves.

Just something I came up with while watching a doc on the subject (Dire Wolves, not Vargr )
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