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Recruiting Office By request, a forum for Traveller Referees seeking players in their area and vice-versa.

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Old September 21st, 2005, 08:26 PM
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The Intendants of Chiashov
An Online Traveller T20 Campaign

by Chuck Shaw

1.The PCs rank is that similar to Imperial Knights/Dames, but they carry a greater power with Zhodani Law.

2. PC must be Zhodani and can be from any Tech Level 13, 14, 0r 15 Zhodani Homeworld.

3. Assigned Ability Scores (18,15,15,13,13,11 arranged in any order.) Thought Police have an automatic Psi Rating of 20, Education of 16, and Social Standing of 16. All PCs get a level bonus to attributes as normal after Ability scores are assigned.

4. Maximum Stamina and Lifeblood at First Level.

5. Thought Police have 1d12 type hit dice.

6. Alien PCs are not permitted.

7. PCs Have 2 terms (beginning at age 14 of formal Thought Police School and psionic training.) then 4 terms of Thought Police training. All PCs are a healthy 38 years old. For Each year beyond 14, add 1000xp.

For each Year in the Thought Police (24 years total, base 24000xp)
1d20 Assignment Survival Accolade Xp Bonus
1-4 Training auto 15 10 (+1000)
5-10 Patrol 3 15 10 (+1000)
11-14 Far Patrol 6 13 8 (+2000)
15-17 Inquest 3 15 8 (+2000)
18-19 Protection 3 20 12(+1000)
20 Major Case 6 11 4 (+4000)

Ability Mod Int Soc

For Accolades, be sure to record by how many you beat the DC by. This will determine the extent of the Award.

8. All PCs are in the Thought Police Advanced Class

9. PCs must be generated as T20 Characters, No conversions.

10. PC Feats: Alertness, Combat Reflexes, Fearless, Stealthy, V:Grav, VS: Patrol Flyer, VS: Patrol Fighter, WP: Knife, WP: Laser, WP: Marksman, WP: Combat Rifleman, WP: Energy, AP:Light, AP:Vacc, AP:Noble Model Combat Armor, AP: Noble Battledress

11. PC Class Skills: Speak/Read/Write Zhodani, T:Computer, T: Electronic, K: Zhodani Law, K: Psychology, K:Forensics, K:Criminology, K: Streetwise, K:Jurisdiction Gather info, Intimidate, Sense motive, Pilot, Spot, Search, Leader, P: Admin

12. Homeworld Skills (select Three): Survival, Handle Animal, Gaming, Intuit Direction, Craft (any), Bluff, Appraise

13. Skill Points per Level: 10+Int mod per Level

14. Psionics: This Game will have Intense Psionics. t20 system altered by Referee. PCs will be in constant telepathic contact in most cases. Ships are controlled psionically.
The Intendants have Psi Ratings of 20. The 18 point maximum is suspended.
Players may select Psionic Talents from any of the 5 spheres in the THB (ppg 186-193).
they may freely add skill points (at 2 for 1, as a cross class skill) to any power from the Telepathy Sphere, and any two other powers from any other Sphere. If I wanted Life Detection-6, it would cost me 12 Skill Points.

15. Cybernetic Implants: The Intendants have no Cybernetic implants. Ay injuries during Background Survival Mishaps Give the character one Bio-Emulative Implant that replaces the damaged organ.

16. Background. All Pcs must have an Introductory Paragraph of his or her background and character description.

17. PCs are limited to regulation Weaponry and Equipment.

17a. Armor:
Noble Model Combat Armor
48 hour Life Support, Chameleon Armor, Ablative Cloak, Psi Controlled,
AR 10, Adds +2 to Inimidate, Voice Amplifier
Noble Model Battledress Issued As Needed

17b. Weaponry:
Stun Grenades,
Web Grenades,
Sleep Grenades,
Smoke Grenades,

Master Crafted (+2) Stun Baton/Fighting Blade
This weapon has three modes: A Baton that delivers a 2d6 electrical shock plus 1d6 club damage, or a blade can be deployed from the inside of the baton that will do 1d8. Fixing Blades in any action for the Thought Police is a sign that Deadly Force is in use.

Master Crafted (+2) Needler Pistol,
HE, NL, or AP rounds, +3 Targeter, Psi Controlled, Each magazine holds 100 General Purpose rounds, and ten of each Special Types

Master Crafted (+2) Needler Rifle, HEAP, AP rounds,
+3 Targeter, Psi Controlled

17c. Equipment
Patrol Flyer, 10 ton
Patrol Fighter, 20 ton (MS)
Precinct Crusier 600 ton (MS)
Sandstorm Security Robots , .1 ton (MS)
Thought Police Badge
Adds +2 to Intimidate and is a
Psi Activated Global Range Communicator.
Patrol Computer
Patrol Computer Monitor Wrist computer


Your Characters Jurisdiction is the Chiashov Subsector, Zhodane Sector, at the Start of the Game. Chiashov is a world of 40 billion, with an enormous Zhodani Naval Depot. It is also the Subsector Capital.




(System Map to follow)


1. All Game Mechanics are "invisible" to the In Character Thread. Players Declare Actions and the Referee determines and relates all results. There Will be an Out of character thread for Rules Discussion. Brief Out of Character Questions or statements can be made in the In Character Thread, provided that they are proceeded by the "OOC" Tag, for example,
OOC: Is the Door Locked?

2. The Person Speaking or taking Action must start a post with the Character's Name in the Game.

Bob (taking microphone from pocket)
"I am talking to you now"

3. Speech will be in "quotes"

4. Description of Action will be unquoted.

5. Communications will be [Bracketed]

6. Telepathy will be in **asterisks**

7. Game Format will be chosen on Player consensus. All Players will vote for:
PBeM via Gmail.
Play by Post here, on Coti.
Play by Post on
Play by Post on Other Web Group
(Yahoo, MSN Groups, or Googlegroups
Play by Post on Traveller Web Group
"Live" Format via Messenger
I am open to anything, as long as it is fun and simple.

8. Player Applicants should Email with character concept. There are 8 potential PC slots available.

9. Starship Combat will use my streamlined 3d system, which will be posted.

10. The Game will Begin on October 30, 2005


I am going to use: (in terms of books)

d20 Modern
d20 Past
d20 Future
The Traveller's Handbook
All Traveller's Aides (by and large)
All other books are considered as baselines/reference materials.
The ones I am using are:
All the CT Books
All the GT Books
All the MT Books
All the TNE Books

A note about "Canon".:
I consider the Traveller Universe so large that almost anything is possible, so we can take most of Traveller History as presented. This game will simply "be" and is not intended to be a work of "Canon". I as the Referee will reserve the right to modify any aspect of established Traveller Background as I see fit, and as it suits the game.

As to myself as a Referee:

I endeavor to be as impartial as I can, but I admit to having a strong fondness for Players that respond often, clearly, and rapidly. I hope that this game will move swiftly, and I will say at the outset that it is for those that are willing to commit to a game that will last Years given the right circumstances. Players can come and Go as they wish, of course. It is for Players that check email every day.

I am not a "killer" Referee, nor am I interested in Power-Gaming. This Game will provide state-of the-art Equipment to the players at the outset, to throw the "I am working my way up to getting a FGMP-15" school of thought on its ear.


on this game, I am inspired by films like Blade Runner, Dagon, Silence of the Lambs, Scanners, They Live, Dune, 1984, Logan's Run, THX-1138, I Claudius, From Hell, Angel Heart, the serpent and the Rainbow, Altered States, Demon Seed, Minority Report, the Duelists,
The Exorcist, Brazil, Brave New World, Alphaville

and books and comics like:
Metabarons, Judge Dredd, V for Vendetta, Watchmen
Count Tirem (Spin 2233 C7B5975B)
Baron Bendor (Spin 2336 A756656C)
Baron Sidur Haski (Gush 1334 B786354C)
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