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Recruiting Office By request, a forum for Traveller Referees seeking players in their area and vice-versa.

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Old March 7th, 2003, 02:00 AM
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Sometime in late March, There is a new Traveller Campaign starting, using the T20 rules system. Those interested should email me at my listed address.

Setting: 1100 (sort of "Canon")

Premise: The PCs are all second or third generational crew members on a massive (well over 1,000,000+tons)multigenerational starship, with over 400,000 crew aboard. The Vessel has been in flight for @135 years, and heads out of the known universe, logging everything it runs into, on a long parabolic course that should bring it back around to the Imperium somewhen in the future. Currently it is just outside of the border of the Two Thousand Worlds. (off the map, but returning)

In its early stages, it is conceptualized as a joint IN/IISS venture to test and put into practice several key space issues such as starship self-reliance and exploration of new systems. It is also a long term test of intercrew interaction and politics, though this is not known openly to the players.

There are several ship Departments that make it possible to be any character class, with careful character generation. I will elaborate upon reply.

Vargr, Aslan, and Humaniti are all well represented, though their cultural forms have been distorted slightly from being onboard so long. Life aboard has a veneer of Imperial society cast over it, mostly from crew memories and old family traditions. There are not so many minor species, unless they were "picked up" recently, and if they were, they would have to be unknown types.

Another consideration is that the ship was designed to support a population as efficiently as possible, and so has "standard issue" equipment such as shuttles, fighters, Sidearms, Vaccsuits, etc. This may seem limiting, but it makes logical sense.

What to expect from the Referee:


This is to be a "cinematic" Game, as in very well described.

There will be ample background materials posted on some form of web site. deckplans and whatnot.

I am more concerned with role play quality and excellent characterizations than with a larger emphasis on game mechanics. Dynamics in character earns experience. Mechanics are also important, but they must be used with common sense...

this is NOT a solely military campaign. There is much action and violence, and when it happens, it will make sense. This will not be a Hack and Slash "fight of the week" Game.

There are also several other sources of conflict for the characters to deal with. Primary among these is Survival! Unknown hostile aliens... scrounging for provisions... crew conflicts, the whole gamutof issues of crewing a ship "without a net" so to speak.

the game will be conducted by email as well as one night per week of "live" chat playing.

There will be six players and 1 referee

So, if interested, or if you have some commentary about the premise, please contact me...


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