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Recruiting Office By request, a forum for Traveller Referees seeking players in their area and vice-versa.

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Old September 16th, 2012, 03:43 AM
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Default Starting an online campaign!

The campaign will take place on Wednesday nights starting at 6:30 US Central time. If you're interested in playing, PM me with answers to the questions below. I'll be using the Mongoose Traveller system, which is largely the same as classic. Assuming I have enough folks, we'll start this Wednesday the 19th with a character generation session.

If I have more than 4 players and I don't select you, I'll happily take you on as a backup. :-)


A webcam and microphone, a computer capable of running Google+ hangouts with Roll20, and at the minimum a copy of the Mongoose Traveller core book. It's available online. I'm happy to use other MGT source books if people wish.


What experience do you have with Mongoose Traveller, and/or with other Traveller games?

On a scale of 1 to 10, how committed are you to showing up every week, with 1 being "Meh, if I make it I make it," and 10 being "My wife's in labor, I've just been shot, and the Sri Lankan militia are holding us hostage -- let's play!"

Lawful or Chaotic?

Rules-heavy or rules-light?

Combat or roleplaying?

Sandbox or railroad?

You (the player) see an old woman on the street. She asks you for directions. What do you do?

Do you have any problem working with a noob (to Traveller) GM?


Milieu 1117 is a setting I am in the process of brewing. The campaign will begin in the Spinward Marches in 1117, and will continue from there to wherever the players choose to go. The timeline follows established canon more or less exactly until the start date, at which point it will diverge.

Any questions, please let me know. I'm excited about this; I heard of Traveller years ago, and have wanted to play ever since, but have never found a game. Guess I'll be doing it myself. :-)

Note that I've been advertising this game on other forums, and I expect we'll have enough people to start on Wednesday.
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