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The Fleet Ship designs, strategies, and tactics.

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Old July 25th, 2007, 04:54 PM
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Default Archangel SDB, conversion from Tne

Archangel SDB 400 dTons. cost 188.211 MCr (150.569 with discount)

Combat Stats
Agility 3
Initiative +3
AC 21
AR 8
SI 145

Model Installed 3 Model/3 Fib (PP: 42/12) Jump-3
Ship Sensors 3 Medium Range
Communications 3 Short Range
Maser? Yes

Acceleration: 3-G
Agility: 3
Power Plant: TL-9 Fusion (16 EP output, enough fuel for 4 weeks, 3EP surplus)
Fuel Scoops,
Atmospheric Speeds: NOE = 1,175kph Cruising = 3,525kph Maximum = 4,700kph

4x Triple Sandcaster Turret TL-9, +4 AC, Ammo: 40 sand canisters
1x 100-ton Missile Bay TL-9, +7 To Hit, 7d6 (18/x1), Range: 90,000km

1x 20-ton small craft (Internal Hangar, ships boat)
Launch facilities for 1 Craft per turn
4x Double Occupancy Stateroom (8 People)
3x Single Occupancy Small Cabin (3 People)
1x Emergency Low Berth (4 People)
2x Airlocks

1x Command
2x Pilot
2x Engineer
5x Gunner
1x Medic

Tech level 9, SDB built by Oriflamme in the Reformation Coalition for export to friendly Governments. It breaks T20 rules by having a bay aswell as Turrets but it is a conversion from a design on the Bard website. The original design had Fusion engines so could not safely enter an atmosphere of an inhabited world, so I added a ships boat. Oriflamme will also provide trained Crews and mantainence on these boats.

This is the first T20 ship I have converted (using the T20 starship design sheet) so if anyone spots any huge errors (other than the obvious bay issue) could they let me know. While the Bay probably rules this out as being usefull for people, some of the other ships I convert may be of use to people if I post them.

EDIT; the armour seems a bit high, should I swap some armour for some fuel purifiers? Or does it really matter on a SDB? The Bay requires far more sensors and crew in the original Tne design, so I ran out of excuses not to throw it all into armour.

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