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The Fleet Ship designs, strategies, and tactics.

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Old November 18th, 2002, 12:58 PM
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I'm kicking around giving this ship to the group that I'm attempting to assemble for a T20 game (hopefully soon). Its just a bit on the monty haul side, but I think it'll work for what I have in mind. Don't mind the name... that's Icecat's doing. Let me know what you think.

The "Angel's Ransom" is a converted 200ton far trader, of the Empress Marava class. The vessel is quite old, having seen well over fifty years of service. On one of her last trading missions, the Ransom experienced a misjump, which slagged most of the drive section, killed her chief engineer, and effectively put her owner out of business.

The ship was picked up as cheap salvage by Gorbenhäffen shipyards on the Solomani Rim. Other than her now useless engineering section, the Ransom was in good working order. Since Gorbenhäffen was a relatively new operation, they were willing to put their expertise to work on a rebuild operation as a showcase for their skills, and at the same time fill a niche for secure trading service.

Gorbenhäffen effectively stripped out the entire interior of the ship, leaving only the spaceframe before rebuilding. From there, a complete new control system was installed, including a highly uprated computer system for firecontrol and sensor suite. Applying the advanced technology available to the firm, Gorbenähffen installed a new TL-15 General Products Model TC-700 fusion power plant, and replaced the original LSP commercial spec jump and maneuver drives in kind. The fuel system was also upgraded, to include a new TL-15 fuel processor plant. Fuel tankage was increased to 47 tons, and the increase in power output has granted the ship greatly enhanced agility.

To accomodate the extra fire control and computer tonnage, two staterooms were removed from the passenger compartment, leaving the ship with 8 of its original 10 staterooms. Tonnage was also removed from the cargo bay to accomodate the slightly larger power plant, extra fuel, and fuel processor plant.

The ship's original double turrets were retained, and fitted with a new weapons mix. Each turret now contains a single fusion gun and a three shot sand caster. This weapons mix gives the ship a powerful short range punch, as well as some defensive capability. The weapons mix for this ship requires a specific cat-4 weapons permit.

While Gorbenhäffen's salvage attempt was a startling success, there remain some quirks from the marriage of equipment from such diverse tech levels. Most of these quirks are quite harmless, a few are somewhat annoying.

1. When in powered down mode, the drives will often receive faulty telemetry from the power plant. Net effect: the power plant will be online but the engines won't start. The exact cause of this problem is unknown, and seems to shift from component to component around the ship. Each time the ship goes through the power core start cycle, there is a net 20% chance that the maneuver drive will not come online. The ship's engineer will be required to make a DC-65 roll to bypass the problem. Each roll entails ten minutes of bypass work. (If this roll is unsuccessful on the first turn, re-roll on each subsequent turn and add in the total to the previous turn until a total of 65 is achieved.)

2. For some reason, the hull refuses to take a solid coat of paint. While the duraloy hull is in no serious danger from rust, the oxidation layer gives the bare metal a dull, motled green hue in the areas where the paint has peeled off.

3. The crew stateroom fresher facilities will occasionally switch to the shower mode when flushing the toilet. There is a net 5% chance of this happening each time. When this happens, the water is always ice cold.

4. No matter how they are programmed, the entertainment system always boots up to an old Earth 2D video of something called "I Love Lucy". There is no problem changing the selection once the system has finished its startup cycle, but no attempts to change the startup selection have ever been successful. Deleting the program files for the show have also been unsuccessful.

5. The sandcasters have the annoying habit of accidentally triggering just before the fusion guns go off. This problem is rare, and has a net 1% chance of occuring each time the fusion guns are fired.

6. The artificial gravity field in the cargo bay is permenantly stuck at 0.75g. The rest of the ship has the usual 0.0-1.5g range.

ICR (Imperial Commerce Registry) Angel's Ransom
Class: A2 Far Trader
TL: 11/15
Size: Medium (200 tons)
Streamlined: yes
Jump: 1 x jump-2
Maneuver: 2g
Fuel: 48 tons
Duration: 4 weeks
Crew: 4 (plus gunners)
Staterooms: 8
small cabins: 0
couches 0
bunks: 0
low berths: 4
cargo: 58 tons

EP output: 14
Agility: 2
Initiative: +2
AC: 12
Repulsors: none
dampers: none
meson screen: none
AR: 0
SI: 115
Main computer: model/4
sensors: model/4 - long
commo model/4 - long

Atmospheric speeds:
NOE = 275kph; Cruise = 825kph; Max = 1100kph

Extra equipemnt:
TL-15 fuel processor plant, fuel scoops; air/raft (enclosed)

Armament: 2 double turrets: each with 1 x TL-15 Fusion cannon and 1 x TL-13 sandcaster.

Cost: MCr122.203 (MCr37.53 more than base design)
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